Japanese Car Auction Sheet Explained

If you’re looking to buy an imported car, and you would, since locally made cars are getting too expensive that a person always takes in to consideration the imported vehicles. However, none of us know the car’s history; whether or not it has been in an accident overseas. The auction sheet that comes with the car is the autopsy report of it. The auction sheet explains most of the stuff which worries on the car but can you read it? So to help you read a car’s auction sheet, we’ve written this short piece to get you acquainted with an imported car’s auction sheet.

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In the past few decades, Pakistan automobile industry has seen a lot of cars imported from Japan and dealers are often seen boasting about the auction grade and showing evidence in the form of auction report. So what is an auction report, and why is it so necessary?

Few buyers understand the importance of an auction report as it can be called the X-ray of a car. For the rest, they are fooled by the dealers for handing them over the car which has been refurbished when it came to Pakistan and was not in genuine condition in Japan. Probably a Tsunami affected vehicle.

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Here, what’s important is that the interior grade and the exterior points are above 4. Do not go for a car which has been graded under 4 or interior below B which means that heavy modifications have been done and the car has been used roughly.


Here is a key showing all the common alphanumeric symbols and their meanings:


A1 Small Scratch
A2 Medium Scratch
A3 Large Scratch


E1 Minor Dimple
E2 Medium Dimple
E3 Large Dimple


U1 Small Dent
U2 Medium Dent
U3 Large Dent

Repair Marks

(Bodywork not perfectly straight due to panel beating)

W1 Very Slight Wave / Repair
W2 Medium Wave / Repair
W3 Large Wave / Repair

Rust and Corrosion

(Rust means surface orange discoloration. Corrosion means orange discoloration which is flaking away.)

S1 Minor Rust
S2 Medium Rust
S3 Major Rust

C1 Light Corrosion
C2 Medium Corrosion
C3 Severe Corrosion

Replaced parts or those needing replacing

X Need to be replaced
XX Has been replaced


B1 Minor Distortion
B2 Medium Distortion
B3 Major Distortion


Y1 Small Crack
Y2 Medium Crack
Y3 Major Crack

Windscreen Issues

X1 Approx 1cm crack on windscreen
R Repaired Crack
RX Repaired crack in windscreen, but in needs to be replaced
X Crack in windscreen, so it needs replacing
FW Front windscreen


P1 Minor paintwork damage
P2 Medium paintwork damage
P3 Major paintwork damage

Always ask for an auction report, those dealers who are hesitant to provide you with the report is a signal for fabrications.


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  1. I think you missed millage wise grade also... please elaborate that also...

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  • Fawad Khan

    Where is the location for the auction and time.??

  • samiullah

    OK but how we know that this auction report is original and not manipulated.

  • Ahsan Hameed

    what is the website name where the auction is done,,?

  • Mustafa Moti


  • Mustafa Moti

    by checking it online. Iauc auction reports can be verified from its website

    and you can also check it physically with the car, if there is a scratch or thumb size dent mentioned in the report’s diagram, counter check it on car’s body. If its present then probably the report is original but here dealers rarely import good grade cars. 95% of the cars are major accident-ed with fake auction reports made locally.

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  • Asad
  • Asad

    U Can also Get the auction access through me if you are interested to import Vehicle from Japan

  • Car Shop Islamabad

    All auction reports can be easily verified through auction site the vehicle was purchased within 3 months of the purchase date.

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    Hi, Pak Wheels, I have a Japaneses Car, Is there is a way to found its Auction Sheet ?

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    Is Auction or Grade Sheet is Must to import in Pakistan??

  • Syed Waqas Hashmi

    Is Auction Sheet is Must For All Vehicles to be import in Pakistan

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