Jinbei X30 and X30L Vans Launched in Pakistan

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Automotive Development Policy 2016-21 is proving to be good for Pakistan’s local auto industry as now a Chinese company Jinbei has launched its X30 and X30L in the country.

Zenith Automotive, the local partners of Jinbei and Shineray brands in Pakistan, has currently introduced 2 models called Jinbei X30 and X30L with multiple variant options in CBU condition to cover a range of commercial and passenger van segments.

X30 which is similar to the size of Suzuki APV and is launched with a 1.3L gasoline engine with 8 to 11 seating capacity. It has been introduced at a price starting from Rs. 2,199,000.

On the other hand, X30L is the long chassis high roof model with a 1.5L gasoline engine and spacious 11 seating capacity, priced at Rs 2,549,000. Both models come with dual air-conditioning, fabric seats, power steering, power windows, keyless entry, alloy wheels, and a 2 year or 50,000 KM warranty. 

Note here that Zenith Automotive has also inaugurated its first 3S dealership for Jinbei vehicles in Karachi. The dealership offers complete service and spare parts support for Jinbei vehicles.

The company plans to launch its second 3S dealership in Lahore within 3 months followed by 4 to 5 more dealerships in other cities in 2020. The company also plans to sell the 2 models in the form of cargo vans and ambulances.

Jinbei has almost 60 percent market share in the minivan segment in China and is also importing vehicles globally.  Zenith Automotive plans to introduce more Jinbei’s commercial and passenger vehicles in Pakistan in years to come. 

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  1. Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen says


  2. Guest says

    In China, Jinbei 金杯 offers a number of options under the “Hiase” name, which are clones of 4th gen Toyota Hiace.
    Apparently better in quality of manufacture compared to other locally available Hiace clones e.g. Hamza Roadster and Panorama van, why does not Jinbei offer the Hiase here?

  3. Sami Khan says

    Probably they still want to test Pakistani Market. They may offer Hiase as well if these two become successful..!

  4. Awais Mohammed says

    Price of Vehicles are very high in Pakistan, it is good for everyone to have new entrants in the market.

  5. Engr. Mansoor Habib says

    Can someone provide a little more details about the 1.3L variant. It is mentioned for the later that it has dual AC but nothing about the 1.3? Also any information on the transmission only manual or Auto as well?

  6. Muhammad Mohsin Shahzad says

    Finally some good news for the automobile industry in Pakistan

  7. Goher Zaman says

    I am interested in buying it. What is the address and number, I need to contact?

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