KIA Production Plant Completed in PKR 20 Billion

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According to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of KIA, the new plant had completed with a total cost of 20 billion rupees and within one and a half years. This plant is a joint venture between the Yunus Brothers Group and KIA from South Korea. The plant has a capacity of 50,000 units. KIA motor in Pakistan has extended 18 dealership contracts in 11 cities across Pakistan. The Chief Operating Officer of KIA asserted that the company aims to raise the standards of the automotive sector of Pakistan.

The COO further went on to highlight the importance of the automobile sector for the economy of Pakistan and how it can bring prosperity to the country. 

With the probable success of the KIA motors in Pakistan, there will be a healthy competition in the auto sector of Pakistan. As far as demand in the auto sector is concerned, there is still a huge gap that can be filled by new entrants like KIA motors. This will also be beneficial for the consumers as they will not have to wait to get their cars delivered after a long period of time. 

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KIA has launched three vehicles in Pakistan thus far, which include Sportage, Carnival, and Picanto. Sportage is a capable compact SUV with a seating capacity of five and comes with a 2.0L engine. It is available in both two-wheel and all-wheel drive. Sportage has quickly become popular due to the price point at which it was introduced. It is one of the very first locally assembled SUVs to get a panoramic sunroof. This shows that the auto sector of Pakistan is evolving with time. 

The Carnival is an MPV, and Picanto is a small family hatchback set to rival the likes of Suzuki Cultus and Wagon R. 

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  1. ur mom says

    Honestly this is great news. More diversity in cars and more choices.

  2. Sanjay Natarajan says

    Kia picanto costs roughly 2 million PKR which is beyond imagination for most people. Hope they “really manufacture” in that plant to bring down the prices instead of “assembling” just like all others do.

  3. Jung says

    We need a small car within the budget of 10 to 15 lac…

  4. immortal says


  5. immortal says

    Hmm but an imported vs local car shows Suzuki’s monopoly with the cultus

  6. Rehan Farooqi says


  7. waheed chaudary says

    I share your views………….They will all be the same no matter Suzuki is the worst…so is Toyota and Honda…….because they use low cost and low quality material to produce cars in Pakistan……… they sweep our hard earn US Dollars and then shift the wealth back to Japan-China and Korea. Nyazi is build of dumbo brain he should go back to London to join his Yahuden wife and children.

  8. Faraz Ahsan says

    I’ve been following their launches but damn they are so expensive. Its a hands-off for me…
    I could buy a much better car for those same prices…

    For instance, Picanto is around 2million rupees, and I could get a Corolla 2018 is perfect condition for that price. If so than why not go for a much luxury Corolla…

  9. fed up says

    Really ??? but at what cost this more diversity phenomena ?. Perhaps you have not read other’s comments.

  10. fed up says

    They are looters mafia ,KIA / Lucky group has just joined the rest.

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