KIA Sportage 2019 AWD Owner’s Review: Specs & Features

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The Kia Sportage was launched in Pakistan with impressive premium features and in two variants. The Front Wheel Drive model costs PKR 4,899,000, whereas the All-Wheel Drive is priced at PKR 5,399,000.

Interior and Features

The Kia Sportage is just as spacious as a Toyota Fortuner, along with its commodious legroom and seating position.  The leather seats are very comfortable while the driver and passenger seats both have electrical adjustments. It has a large panoramic sunroof, which makes the car feels airier and more open for both the front and rear-seat passengers.  The center fascia is angled towards you at a perfect 7.2-degree angle so that audio, navigation, and air conditioning systems are all within easy reach. 

The dual Zone Full Auto Temperature Control helps you set-and-forget the air conditioner and heater, which automatically turns on and off to maintain the perfect temperature for you and your passengers at all times. The All-Wheel Kia comes with parking sensors in the front and back but only one camera in the back with adaptive guidelines. The headlamps are engineered to respond smartly to external lighting and adjust automatically for better driving facilitation at night and are top of the line in the industry. They are a key aesthetic addition to this model and are very complimentary on the car’s exterior.  This model has all the features you would need, such as push-start, auto-brake-hold, parking brake button, cruise control, and much more. It also comes with two front airbags.  

The audio system in the car is also several notches above that of its competition.  The screen has a crisp, clear, high-resolution screen, and the system is packed with very handy options.  For example, the audio system has CAR PLAY, which will automatically connect to your phone, effectively replicating your phone on the car’s screen.  Maps, Google Maps, etc. will all appear on the screen and show real-time direction and movement. Another very important feature is that the system will speak your WhatsApp messages to you over the car speakers so that you are not distracted by your phone while driving.  And yes, you can always turn off these features if you desire privacy or chose not to connect your phone with the system altogether. But most important of all, the car’s own Bluetooth speaker system is excellent. It is so good, in fact, that if you are using the hands-free feature in the car, the caller on the other side will not be able to tell that you are using a car Bluetooth wireless speaker.  This is a much-needed feature in today’s busy life, where one can take calls easily while driving and can be head clearly as well!

See the video review below:

Exterior and performance

The new body of the Kia Sportage 2019 almost looks as if it’s a smaller version of the Porsche Cayenne on the road. The Smart Welcome System springs the Sportage into life once you’re within close proximity. For local roads, its ground clearance is impressive at 172mm. The car is also equipped with auto-vipers that automatically start working when they sense rain on the front window screen. With its 2.0-liter engine, the Sportage achieves a respectable average of 11-12 kilometers per liter.  The sophisticated Auto-Defogger sensor detects fogging on the front windshield and clears it automatically, giving you driving clarity at all times. Advanced Traction Cornering Control monitors and analyzes road conditions, making sure the right amount of torque is focused on the wheel with the most grip to counteract over or understeer. Sportage’s ABS operates by preventing the wheels from locking up during braking, thereby maintaining traction with the road surface. The heated wing mirror helps increase rear visibility as it reduces mist on the mirrors.

Resale and Parts availability 

At this time, there is a slight unavailability of parts in the market as the car is a new entrant, and not many dealers are stocking its parts.  And the parts that are available are a little on the pricey side. Take, for example, the front headlights, which, if damaged, would cost around Rs.160,000. 

Due to its newness in the market, and some unfamiliarity with the car, the resale might be a slight issue.

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