What do we know about Toyota Yaris so far?

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Indus Motor Company (IMC) Toyota is currently testing Toyota Vios/Yaris in Pakistan for a possible launch at the end of the year, but what do we know about the upcoming sedan so far? Let’s find out!

Toyota Yaris spotted testing on the roads:

Toyota Vios comes with another name Yaris in some countries around the world. The sedan has been spotted several times on the roads of Pakistan. The pictures of the camouflaged car traveling on motorway went viral on social media in recent days. The car with the registration number BQQ-861 spotted on the motorway is powered by a 1329 cc engine. Recently, another camouflaged Toyota Vios/Yaris was spotted with the registration number BQQ-386. This particular version of Vios possesses 1498 cc engine under its hood. This makes it clear for us that the company is road-testing two variants of the all-new Toyota Vios/Yaris in Pakistan. The sedan is expected to replace the XLi and GLi variants of Toyota Corolla in the country later this year. In this context of replacement, the company seems to have already started clearing up its inventories of XLi/GLi by introducing a free registration scheme under these variants. Have a look at the exclusive pictures of Vios spotted in Pakistan.

Expectations regarding its launch in the local market:

So far we know that two variants are being tested on the roads of Pakistan. It means that the company is considering launching both of them in the local market; however, it’s not confirmed yet. The 1329 cc powered Toyota Vios/Yaris is the 4NR-FE unit which is capable of producing a maximum power of 98 hp and a torque of 123 Nm. The other high-end Vios/Yaris is powered by a 1498 cc engine which is a 2NR-FE unit. It can produce a maximum output of 106 hp with a maximum torque of 140 Nm. Understandably, the auto manufacturer is set to replace the 1.3L XLi/GLi Corolla with Vios/Yaris and possibly with the 1.3L variant of the new entrant. However, there is another possibility where IMC can pose a challenge to its opponent Honda Atlas, which offers City in 1.3L and 1.5L versions by introducing the 1.5L variant of Vios/Yaris as well. So far, no possibility can be ruled out that easily because the company might not only be thinking about the replacement but to enhance the competition in this category against its competitor, Honda.

Where else is Toyota Yaris/Vios currently available?

Toyota Vios/Yaris comes in other auto markets such as India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. It’s known as Vios in Malaysia while it comes under the nameplate of Yaris and Yaris Ativ in India and Thailand respectively. In India, it was recently launched last year in the 1.5L variant whereas, in the Thai auto sector, it has a comparatively smaller engine capacity of 1.2L. This is because of complying it with the Eco Car category in a bid to make it eligible for several subsidies.

Is it a good deal to replace Corolla XLi/GLi?

Toyota Vios/Yaris is approximately 200 kg lighter than Corolla currently available in the local market. The 1.3L variants of Corolla, i.e., XLi and GLi, are powered by 1298 cc 2NZ-FE engine which can produce a maximum output of 84 hp and a torque of 120 Nm. As we know that the 1.3L variant of Toyota Vios/Yaris produces 98 hp with a maximum torque of 123 Nm, the former is less powerful. Considering the lightweight feature of the Toyota Vios, it also becomes a better unit in terms of performance and efficiency. Therefore, the Vios/Yaris sedan will be a welcome addition to the Toyota’s line-up later this year.

Does the current economic condition suit the entry of Yaris?

The country’s auto industry is going through a deep crisis due to the depreciation of the local currency against the US dollar, which has resulted in a significant decrease in sales. However, according to an official of IMC, the auto manufacturer is committed to introducing a new sedan in the local market despite the deteriorating economic conditions. The car is expected to make its way towards the end of the year. Note here that IMC had announced to cut down its production to 5 days every week during July 2019 due to low market demand.

What Toyota Yaris has to offer?

Toyota Vios/Yaris has aggressive looks on the outside with a futuristic front radiator grille design pattern. The headlights and rear lamps resemble that of Corolla, but its aerodynamic design is something to look out for. Among all the global auto markets where it’s offered by the company, let’s have a look at few features it has in its Malaysian version as it is likely that this version might come into Pakistan.

Yaris – A safety package!

Toyota Vios/Yaris is a package of comfort and safety altogether. It has also been awarded a 5-star ASEAN NCAP safety rating making it the first car in its segment to get the award. The all-new 2019 Vios has got your back covered in terms of blind spots. An audible warning alerts the driver when a vehicle approaches the driver’s view. Toyota Vios offers a better parking experience in tighter spaces with the help of panoramic view monitor, which gives a bird’s eye view for maneuvering. The front digital video recorder is a significant tool in recording the front-view and may turn out helpful in case of an accident. The car is also equipped with as many as 7 SRS airbags for the protection of the driver and the passengers in case of a collision. Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) also features in the all-new Vios to keep your vehicle from rolling back on a steep slope.

Entertainment and Connectivity:

In terms of connectivity, Vios offers matchless experience as consumers can connect their phones to access the world of entertainment. Through the LCD panel, navigation is also accessible along with several apps to entertain you on the go. The LCD is installed in the middle of the dashboard that also offers USB connectivity. A USB port is also available at the rear side that ensures your devices keep running along the journey.


Toyota Vios/Yaris has a spacious interior with an even good looking multi-information display for the driver. The instrument cluster displays several important parameters including fuel consumption, engine heat indication, remaining range, Eco-indicator and time display along with the ODO meter and rpm meter. Toyota Vios/Yaris is also equipped with driving modes. The driver can toggle between ECO and sports mode to adjust the engine response at a certain time. Furthermore, the availability of paddle shifters allows access to choose between manual and automatic modes. The electrochromic rearview mirror is another stand out feature of the sedan as it reduces eye strain caused by the extraordinary glare of the headlights from the vehicle coming from behind. It’s a combination of a luxury feature as well as a safety part of the vehicle.

It is imperative to mention here that as per our credible source, the new car would be launched under the nameplate of Yaris. Our source has also said that the car will come in five different variants and with both manual and auto transmission.

Moreover, he further revealed that the particular car would be shipped in the market with 1.3 and 1.5 engine options and the starting price of the base variant would be around PKR 2.4 million. To answer all these questions, we will have to wait and see till the end of this year. What are your expectations regarding the upcoming Toyota Vios in Pakistan? Let us know in the comments section below. Stay with PakWheels for the latest updates on the automobile industry.

Photo Credits: Ahmed Humayun

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