Know Your Battery

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Batteries consist of a positive plate, a negative plate, and an electrolyte, and deliver direct current electric power through a chemical reaction. When the electric power is applied externally the other way round, electric power can be stored in the battery.
In addition to starting the engine of an automobile, an automotive battery also supplies power to the lights and other electric equipment and serves as a backup to controllers and other types of computerized equipment.

The following are the batteries currently available in Pakistan.

Dry Battery:

Dry cell car batteries are considered maintenance-free and charge faster than conventional wet cell batteries. Since AGM material has a low electrical resistance, the battery emits more power and efficiency than other types of batteries, but their downside is that these batteries are very expensive and usually come without any warranty since these are imported.

Sealed Maintenance-Free Battery:

These batteries are 100% Maintenance Free and do not require any water top-up throughout their life. These batteries come pre-charged from the factory with the best quality electrolyte. SMFB type batteries offer longer service life and are cost-effective as compared to a dry cell battery.

Conventional Battery:

Often called Dry charged batteries, these are mostly used in Pakistan due to their low cost. These batteries require charging and water top-up before they can be installed in a car.

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