Battery Features


100% Maintenance Free – No caps on top. It means that no battery water top up required throughout the product life cycle. Totally hassle-free and no worries of any sort of battery maintenance.  

Highest CCA [Cold Cranking Amperage] – Quick Engine Start. In simple words, CCA reflects the power of the battery to start the engine. Higher the CCA, better it is in a given amperage of a battery. 

Ready to Use – Most batteries available in the market are charged by the retailers and filled with low-quality battery water rather than the good quality electrolyte. Daewoo battery comes pre-charged from the factory with the best quality electrolyte which also enhances battery life.

1-year Free Replacement Warranty: simple and better warranty terms give you confidence in the product. 

Technical Product Features: 

  • Health Indicator: Through health indicator, you can check the health of your battery. Green means your battery is fine, White means you should charge it and Red means replace the battery. 
  • Flame Arrestors: A safety feature inside the top seal which ensures safety through eliminating the risk of catching fire. 
  • Korean Technology Plant Run by Korean Battery Experts: Advanced technology and experienced Korean staff
  • ISO Certifications: Daewoo Battery is produced at an ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified manufacturing plant which is an assurance of its quality. 

Complete Range Available across Pakistan: from 660CC car to jeeps and commercial vehicles. Our battery is available across Pakistan and consumers can get 1 for them through their nearby battery shop.

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