Lahore Rickshaw Drivers Stage Protests Against Careem and Uber

Lahore – Rickshaw drivers from across the city have staged a huge protest against the ride-hailing services in the provincial capital of Punjab. The venue for this protest is the headquarters of PITB (Punjab Information Technology Board) in Arfa Software Technology Park, Lahore.

Reportedly the rickshaw owners are expressing their outrage at the ride-hailing services stealing their businesses. The protest rally was being headed by the President of local Rickshaw union, Majid Ghauri. Drivers were reportedly expressing their distress against these electronic cab hailing services. The protestants pointed out that under these services cars are being used as public vehicles. It is important to mention that both Sindh and Punjab Govt. have accelerated their plans to bring these services under the tax net.



Despite the claims, rickshaw remains the go-to mode of public transportation for a majority of Pakistanis. Uber and Careem have recently started operating in Pakistan, and since then thousands of consumers have benefitted from their services. Both have quickly earned public’ interest and are operating on standard charges with security and customer satisfaction checks in place.

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  1. LMAO. SP is too real. These dumasses were outdated long time ago sadly they had a monopoly esp in lahore. good riddance you loud-arse, uncomfortably shaking, sqeaky pieces of junk.

  2. Rickshaws should be banned on all the roads that have speed limit above 60KM/H because it can't go beyond. You always see them struggling to pick up pace trying to over take another rickshaw blocking the two lane road, poor prados and civics crawling behind.

    We need to increase the flow of traffic in order to reduce the rush. The faster the traffic flows, the sooner people get to their destinations reducing number of vehicles on the road.

  3. Wooow... We are living in a country where every looter thought he has his born right to looted people as much as he can and no one should dare to ask him or give him a competition. Same mind set from government to opposition... prime minister to opposition leader, pak Suzuki, honda atlas Toyota indus to dealerships mafia across the country private schools to private media houses and no exception to rickshaw mafia all are working on the same one point agenda to theft the hard earn money of general public and no one has right to claim some relief.

  4. ek din aisa ayega ke thiefs bhe strike karein ge ke hamein chori karne ka haq de jaye, hamare roti na cheeni jaye.
    yahan sab kehte hain ke gareeb ke lye qanoon hai aur ameer ke lye ni, lekin ap batao lahore aur karachi jaise big cities mein lakhon ke ke hisaab se rerhi wale road block kar ke khare hote hain, commercial area mein 10 feet ke shop wale 50 feet age tak road pe apni dukan phela ke betha hote hain aur baki ke road pe customers apni garyan khari kar dete hain. hukoomat agar najaiz tajawazat hatanee ati hai to gareebi ke naaree lagte hain ke hamara roozgar cheen rahein hain ham kahan jayen
    lakhoon ke tadaad mein beggars mafia logon ko loot raha hai.
    mein khud bike chalata hun lekin sorry to say 90% traffic laws ke dhajiyaan bike , rikshaw , van waale urate hain , is lye ke becharee gareeb hain , inhen to haq hasil hain sub kuch karne ka. aur 1bike pe 1 admi 3 aurtein aur 4 bache travel kar rahe hote hain aur agar accident ho jaye to car wale ke galti because bike wala to gareeb hai. aur trafic police wala car wale ko rokta hai aur chalan karta hai ke us ne seat belt ni pehne hui.
    is lye yeh baat galat hai ke ameer admi ke liye koi qanoon ni aur gareeb ke lye hai , haan hum yeh ke sakte hain ke shareef aadmi ke lye qanoon hai aur badmash ke lye ni hai chahe woh ameer ho ya gareeb.
    is lye kehte hain p,,,,,,n y,,,,,,i ka door hai aur har banda he choor haai

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