Pakistani Consumers Remain Reluctant to Accept 2017 Honda City – 10 Days and Counting

On 17th April 2017, Honda Atlas introduced a facelifted Honda City in Pakistan. The company marked off this launch at the 20th anniversary of Honda City in Pakistan. The new model was introduced with a price increase of 10,000 rupees along with some minor cosmetic upgrades and a (new) standard audio unit. Extras included an (optional) immobilizer. The consumers though are reluctant to accept this car, after 10 days of its launch. Social is full of criticism and sarcasm aimed at Honda Atlas.

honda-atlas-carsHonda City’s current shape was introduced in 2009 and since then it has generated a major revenue for the company. Let’ not forget this car has remained constant from the past eight years. So consider its longevity for a moment and I believe you will be able to understand the sarcastic remarks and angry jibes off the customers regarding this 2017 Honda City.


Atlas Honda City Face-lift..

Posted by Fazal Wahab on Monday, 17 April 2017

Nothing’s wrong with the car, Honda Atlas just needs to let go of this shape



The Disappointment is Clear as a Sunny Sky!


Customer Feedback and Criticism on Honda Atlas’ Recent Move Regarding Honda City



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Notable Replies

  1. what about the one's who have been waiting for there cars to be delivered, any article for them by Pakwheels? or should we wait the way Atlas Honda have been making us wait?

  2. They will sell like hot cakes because of no competition in this segment. Specially the 1.3 Manual Sedan market.

  3. As matter of fact - Current Honda City - (2009- let's assume 2050 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) - Is the best valued Compact Sedan in Pakistan with acceptable Shape, Mileage, Handling, Quality, Resale etc. - Since, there's no competition in given price ... It's still selling like hot-cakes :cake:-:cake:-:cake:-
    For those who somewhat don't agree ... See the price of next local sedan: Suzuki/Ciaz, Corolla/Gli - both with more or less same features are more than 3-lac expensive then City.

    Once we do have a competition with better value for money' you'll see sales getting the desired diversion naturally

  4. Reluctant or not people are still buying Honda city .that is all that counts . Just making noise doesnot do anything .you have to protest by not buying cars pkdm ones .only then situation will improve .govt will not do anything .apart from gifting money to suzuki with yellow cab scheme type of scams

  5. but city is smaller, less comfortable and now it comes in 1500cc tax bracket.

    it was value for money till 2014 after that it is just like a cultus, sells because it has established its market position, had city been introduced in 1340cc in 2009, it'd be the least successful city yet.

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