Lahore Traffic Police To Take Serious Action Against One Wheeling

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City Traffic Police Lahore has decided to take necessary action against the deadly game of one wheeling and over speeding. In a recent meeting of City Traffic Police Lahore, it was noticed that many precious lives are lost in the lethal game of one wheeling and over speeding. Therefore, City Traffic Officer Tayyab Hafeez Cheema claimed that important steps will be taken to eradicate this menace of one wheeling and over speeding from the city roads.

In this regard, a special force of 22 patrolling officers will be appointed on important roads especially on Saturday, Sunday and other special occasions like Independence Day, New Year’s Eve etc. to capture one wheelers. Moreover, the CTO claimed that around 60 traffic wardens equipped with video cameras will be appointed on important boulevards to record the videos of one wheelers and disturbance creators.

Furthermore, the CTO directed to ensure the strict implementation of rules for the use of seat belt in cars. The orders of CTO are now operational and a 300 rupees challan ticket will be issued for violating this law. Although, laws for the use of seat belts were formulated for the entire road network of Pakistan but unfortunately this law was only being followed in Islamabad Capital territory.

Lets’ hope that the implementation of these laws can make a difference in cutting down the number of lives lost in road accidents.

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  1. Shurjil Butt says

    catching one wheelers & curbing this menace once and for all ? …seriously CTP guys ? I don’t think so ..
    As far speed demons are concerned .. its a matter of “Jaab doraa paar jaye banday ko”
    I have seen achay bhalay log .. all of sudden racing their civics and citys as if they are filming Top Gear in extreme secure environment and there are no other cars or people around them ..

  2. Imran Saeed says

    It would be better if some place at the outskirts is provided to them to do all the stunts –
    Plz do write on these civic & corolla guyz also, i don’t know what get in their heads after having 1800 cc cars.

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