Using Quality Oil Filters Can Improve Your Engine’s Life

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All engine lubrication systems include a filter to help keep the engine oil clean. After a certain period of use the filter will become clogged, requiring replacement of the oil filter.

How well a filter removes unwanted particles is directly related to the ability of the filter to remove the smallest of the dust particles. The smaller the size of particles removed the better the filter. We use the term “Micron Rating” to classify the ability of the filter to remove the smallest particles. Most genuine engine oil filters have a Micron Rating of 15 to 20. That is why genuine oil filters cost more than non-genuine filters.

1 Micron = 0.001 MillimeterMicron Rating comparison 1

To give you an idea of what we mean by Micron Rating a comparison is given below:

So if you use an oil filter that has a Micron Rating of more than 20 Microns, you can expect the life of your engine to be reduced accordingly. In Japan, the engine oils and oil filters available are of such high quality that Japanese car owners do not have to bother to have their engines overhauled. It is cheaper and convenient for them to just replace the car after driving it for 5 to 6 years.

Most people know that a filter has to be changed, but they make the mistake of buying the cheapest one. In the long run, this will not be cost effective, as the life of the engine will be reduced considerably and you will end up paying more for the repair costs.

The Micron Rating for Fuel Filters of diesel engines, non-CRI (Common Rail Injection), is 5 Microns. CRI Fuel Filters are 10 Microns for the Pre-Fuel Filter and 2 Microns for Main Fuel Filter. To help keep your fuel injection pump and injectors working in top form, it is very important to use fuel filters of the recommended rating. One of the reasons for the high rate of fuel injection pump failures in Pakistan, is the use of fuel filters with ratings higher than those recommended. Some other reasons that can cause the diesel fuel to damage your fuel injection systems are:


Use of steel drums for storage-

after a while they become rusty which causes premature failure.


Use of old jerrycans for storage-

these are hardly ever cleaned so fuel gets contaminated.


Long storage of diesel fuel-

diesel fuel will start to deteriorate after three months.


Lack of oil water separators –

oil water separators help to remove the water in the fuel.


MICRON RATING KOMATSU FILTERSTake a look at this diagram below. It will give you idea how small a micron is:

Diagram courtesy Komatsu Ltd, Japan
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  1. Muizz says

    comprehensive and useful article sir much appreciated , was curious to know about the function of oil filter from a long time in Pakistan most of the people use Guard oil filter I am one of them too it is a good one?

  2. Muizz says

    comprehensive and useful article sir much appreciated , was curious to know about the function of oil filter from a long time. In Pakistan most of the people use Guard oil filter I am one of them too is it a good one?

  3. Syed Hussein El-Edroos says

    There is an Army run organization known as IV&EE. They carry out tests on filters. I was once told by one of the persons working there that the micron rating of Guard oil filters was more than 40 microns.
    I use Guard filters in my 1988 Toyota Corolla. I had the engine overhauled in 1997. Till date the same engine is running. I have been using Caltex Delo Gold, Caltex coolant and always make sure that I fill diesel from a petrol station that sells clean diesel.

  4. Abdullah Tanvir says

    so that means the guard oil filters are not of gud quality? sir plz if u can suggest the gud quality oil filter available in pakistan

  5. Syed Hussein El-Edroos says

    Abdullah Tanvir. What make of car do you have?

  6. Ahmad Saeed says

    Sir i have Civic 2013…what do u suggest about oil filter – i also use Guard? And for oil i use Caltex Havoline but recently few have asked me to use Honda Oil if i want better performance

    What do you suggest?

  7. Syed Hussein El-Edroos says

    Ahmed Saeed. Remember the use of good quality oils, filters and coolant maybe more expensive in the short term but in the long term your engine will run much better. You will save on overhauling the engine which will be much more that the cost of the oils, filters and coolants.
    Please see the diagram below. The best oil you can use in “SN” class. Kindly check what is the class of Honda oil. Please note Honda or Toyota do make their own oils. They get it blended by some oils company like Shell, Caltex, Mobil. Total, etc.
    I hope this would be of help.

  8. Abdullah Tanvir says

    honda city and mehran…. btw wha is the micron rating of guard filter?

  9. Syed Hussein El-Edroos says

    Guard oil filter would be above 40 micron

  10. melissakhan80 says

    Today, I have gained new knowledge. Thankyou

  11. Killer Filter, Inc. says

    Yes, this is true that oil filters can improve the life of engine’s, if the filters are of good quality. Oil filters can easily remove the contaminants from the engine(s) that will help in increasing the age of engine(s).

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