Lamborghini Gallardo Owner’s Review: Price, Specs and Features

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The car that is being reviewed is Lamborghini Gallardo, and the model is from 2004. Lamborghini Gallardo arrived in the market from 2004 to 2014. It is a head-turner supercar due to its exotic design. The car owner made some modifications in the car to suit his preferences. For example, he changed the interior color of the vehicle to champagne one, increased the engine’s power, and made some changes in the exhaust system as well.

History: Lamborghini originated from making tractors, and the owner of Lamborghini started to make suggestions in the Ferrari to which the Ferrari’s owner ridiculed him that the person who makes tractors is telling me how to make a car. In the end, Lamborghini was created as a rebuttal to that remark.

Interior and Exterior

The exterior of the car is very sleek and aerodynamic. With one look, you can quickly tell that the vehicle is made by Lamborghini. The build and the paint quality is just too great– a truly head tuner vehicle.

The interior of the car is classy and awe-inspiring. The gauges of water and temperature control are made in an old-fashioned way. The car contains all the features which any modern car owns. A good music system is added in the car. The weight handling parts are made of fiber. The storage compartment has low space.

The life expectancy of the clutch brake is short as the clutch is a bit fragile because the power of the car is high, and in order to improve pleasure in driving, the clutch cannot be made stronger. The clutch brake needs to be replaced after driving for 10,000 km.

The car seems very close to the ground. It is designed in a way to enhance the gravity, wind level, acceleration, stability, and car handling. However, irrespective of the low level of the car, the ground clearance is good.

Aside from Lamborghini the owner also has Ferrari as well and while comparing the both the owner said: Lamborghini is more on the exotic side due to its appearance, however, on the other hand, Ferrari is one of the top-racers cars in the world.

Engine and Performance

The Lamborghini Gallardo has a V10 engine which gives an impressive 520 VHP stock. The engine is placed at the rear end and the car. The top speed of the vehicle is 205 to 207 miles per hour. The stability of the car is excellent at high speeds. The suspension, however, is a bit stiff, but it is not irritating, and a little stiffness is needed for longer routes and to prevent accidents. Driving becomes difficult with soft suspension.


Lamborghini is a leisure and to-the-point car which should only be used as a weekend or an evening car. The maintenance of this car is challenging in Pakistan, and no tools or parts are available here either. Undoubtedly, car enthusiasts around the world aspire to own this magnificent sports car.

See the complete video review below:

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    “Clutch brake” is a special equipment for non-synchro gearboxes. It is not available in common cars like Mehran, Corolla, Civic etc.

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