Suzuki Alto AGS 2019 Owner’s Review: Specs and Features

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The all-new Suzuki Alto rapidly gained popularity right after its launch and pulled a lot of buyers towards itself. One of the many reasons behind its popularity is that it is the cheapest option in the locally manufactured cars category. Moreover, Suzuki has packed some new and improved features in the Alto, which were not present in the Mehran. The Suzuki Alto is a great improvement over the outgoing Mehran; however, this improvement has come with a substantial increase in the price. The particular car under review is the 2019 model of Alto AGS. The owner purchased this car in September 2019 in PKR 14,33,000. The owner wanted to buy a car with a small engine that gives high fuel average. He also compared the locally-assembled and imported car market for 660cc cars. 

Exterior and Interior

The shape of the exterior is boxier compared to other hatchbacks and has sharp cuts in the design language. The back of the new Alto is not likable to everyone; however, the front of the car is appealing to the masses. Generally, the shape and design of the new Alto are acceptable to the buyers in this category. Some of the safety features include ABS and airbags; however, ISOFIX mountings are not provided in the car. This particular variant under review is the top-of-the-line variant, and it comes with body-colored side mirrors and door handles. It also comes with wheel covers, and the handle to open the boot is also colored. The boot space is small, and families will find it difficult to stuff things in the back. 

Coming to the interior, the dashboard is two-toned and houses the infotainment screen in the center. The infotainment screen is packed with features; however, it lags sometimes when being under heavy usage. On hot days, the air conditioning system provides subpar cooling, and usually, the air throw does not reach the rear passengers. The suspension of the car is on the smooth side and deals with bumps in a relatively comfortable fashion. Ground clearance of this car is also ample, and the car deals with uneven roads and speed bumps with ease. The leg space for both the front and rear passengers is good, and the headspace for the rear passengers is ample for a small car. 

Engine and Transmission  

The new Alto comes with a 660cc engine, which produces sufficient power to propel the car at a considerable acceleration. The car is not sluggish when it accelerates, and given that it has a 660cc engine, its power output is sufficient. Due to its smaller size than the 800cc engine, which used to come in Mehran, the 660cc engine in the Alto is much more fuel-efficient. Moving forward, the Auto Gear Shift (AGS) transmission provided in the Alto needs a little bit of getting used to for a smooth and comfortable ride. The AGS also has a manual mode that you can use in places like mountainous roads to shift gears at your own will. 

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Fuel Average and Maintenance 

In the city, the new Alto AGS is giving 16.5km/l with air conditioning. Considering this is a locally manufactured car, the maintenance costs are low, and the availability of spare parts is high. The widely spread dealer network of Pak Suzuki makes it easier to buy genuine spare parts at lower prices. You can also purchase spare parts from the local market directly. Compared to the spare parts of imported 660cc cars, the spare parts of locally-manufactured Alto are much more affordable. 


The owner is satisfied with his purchase and considers the Alto AGS to be a good car in the 660cc segment of the market. However, he does have some reservations when it comes to the quality of the car. The paint quality and the panel fittings are some of the areas where the quality is lacking. Moreover, the owner also wanted to have some of the features that are present in the Japanese variant and are not found in the local variant. These are eco-idle and eco-cool features. 

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