Negative And Positive Toe And How It Affects Your Car’s Tire Life?

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Any inconvenience during the driving can be seriously annoying, let’s say you are enjoying your normal everyday driving, but your car starts to pull to one side, either right or left side. Even though you are driving at normal speed, but still you have to correct the steering continuously when your car goes to the left side or right. This makes driving not only difficult but can also frustrate the driver and would just simply make a pleasurable drive into a miserable one.

This happens basically when your car is out of alignment. And when the technician fixes this issue, he would surely mention the other factors which make your car go out of alignment. Apart from this, the other factors are turning radius, the toe-in and out of wheels specifically of the front wheels, castor angle of the strut and positive and negative chambers, etc. 

However, in this article, we’ll be mainly focusing on the “toe-in and toe-out”  or the “positive toe and negative toe” of the wheels, and in our other articles, we’ll discuss the rest of the factors. 

But before we discuss the toe in and out of the wheels, first, let’s see what “Toe” is all about? So, basically, when a car is traveling in a straight motion, the toe-in and toe out of the wheel are checked if the car is rotating straight ahead or if it’s being pulled on the side.

You can take it as an example, imagine there is a straight line in the center of a car which is dividing the car lengthwise in two equal halves. And now if you sit on your knees in front of your vehicle and look at its wheels, see if they turned inside of the car then the wheel is toe-in or positive toe. However, the wheel would be toe-out or negative toe if the wheel is moving away from the centerline or towards the outside of the car.

Now, since you have the idea about the toe-in and toe-out, let’s move on with the effects of the toe which are

  • The handling and stability of the car are affected by the negative toe and positive toe, and each of the toes has a different effect on the wheels of the car.
  • Tires of your car will also tear out at a faster pace in case of either of the toe.
  • If the toe-in is excessive, it will decrease the life of your car’s tire by making the tire scrub on the outboards.
  • If the toe out is excessive, then it’ll affect the edges of the tires and cause them to wear out. 
  • Thus, there is a need to keep the toe zero for even and minimum wear and tear of tires. For a better understanding of the toe, look carefully at the diagram below, which will help you in the concept of toe fully.

That’s all from our side folks, hope you find this article helpful. Happy reading!

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