Lamborghini Murcielago crashes in Russia

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All Lamborghinis are wild ferocious animals, to keep yourself from pushing them to hard is an act of patience and even with the strict traffic laws around, every now and then we see these crashed because of the obvious reasons, the owner couldn’t keep his control after some hard acceleration or a dab of oppo.

The crash took place in St. Petersburg and it seems like the car’s rear axle was damaged as the Murcie hit a curb, as well as a lamp post. The vehicle’s body is also a bit bruised, but the real damage can be found underneath the supercar.

However, the details about the image are limited, so we don’t know if high speed was the cause of the crash or not but, as we can speculate fro the pictures, the car doesn’t looks to be totaled and have enough left to be fixed.

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