Lamborghini Murcielago crashes into an Italian BMW motorcycle showroom

We feel pretty blessed that Lamborghini didn’t produce the Murcielago as a limited production car as this is the second Murcielago to be crashed in the past few days. It is worse in this case as the driver lost control of his Lamborghini and crashed into a BMW motorcycle showroom taking out not just his own car but other motorcycles as well.

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A black early model Murcielago lost control just outside Valli Motorrad in Mariano Comense, near Como. Damage was caused to a line of motorcycles outside of the BMW dealership and to the glass shop front.

No injuries were reported, the driver and co-driver both walked away from the accident. The Lamborghini Murcielago didn’t hit any other vehicles after rebounding off the shop front. No cause for the accident has been given. Repair bills are likely to be expensive with most of the BMW dealership’s stock wiped out and damage to the front and right hand side of the Murcielago.

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