Legalizing Street Racing in Pakistan

Street racing is staged in many parts of the world and is considered an act of menace by the majority. Laws were made and implemented in many parts of the world to slash the trend of increasing street racing, but the outcomes were not very rational. Racers adopted alternate and more unsafe ways to perform street racing having known that street racing has been declared as a major crime.

In Pakistan, the situation has been different from ages. People have great passion for racing but unfortunately, the most unsafe racing is performed on roads where normal traffic is moving as there are no practical means to track and seize racers. Racing on ordinary roads with normal moving traffic can be immensely disastrous for the racer and everyone moving nearby.

Let’s first admit the fact that old rusted cars and racing bikes of Pakistan Police do not have the potential of chasing and stopping racers with modified fast cars.

I personally believe that dedicated arenas should be formed in Pakistan to perform street racing in a legal and safer method. People who perform it on ordinary roads risk their lives as well as lives of others. Therefore, they should be encouraged to perform it within the boundaries of an arena. Competitions on international level should be organized for this matter as well. It will be a great source of entertainment in Pakistan.

I’m fully aware of the fact that several people lose their lives daily as a victim to racing cars or trying to copy unsafe movie scenes. Illegal street racing have life taking consequences. The influence of movies on youngsters is so forceful that everyone tries to copy Vin Diesel from The Fast n Furious movie series.

Implementing this idea can have great benefits. It will be a great activity for youngsters and who knows? The next Michael Schumacher could come out from Pakistan.

DISCLAIMER: PakWheels does not promote illegal street racing or unsafe driving behavior. This article is entirely written on a personal opinion and does not promote illegal street racing or any sort of illegal activity.


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Shaf Younus

I'm an Auto Enthusiast, a Tech Savvy and above all, Citizen of Pakistan.

  • Bilal Qureshi

    Good starting point, but what I would have liked to see was a better argument than, “we should legalize street racing in cordoned off areas”, since there were fatalities last time that happened.
    I’d love to hear this discussion go further however, because I do believe the auto enthusiast community of Pakistan should take decisive action to get what they want. If it wants a race track, it should build a race track.