Lifan KPR 200 – Expert Review: Price, Spec & Features

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Initially, this bike was launched by ZXMCO. At that time, to reduce the cost, the importer launched the bike with low-quality engines. As a result, a lot of the bike owner’s had issues with the bike. However, to resolve the issues, the engines were imported from abroad. 

The bike was again introduced in Pakistan by Rapid Rides based on European standards. The quality of the bikes which Lifan is exporting in Europe is the same as the Lifan bikes being imported now in Pakistan. Not only Rapid Rides sell the bike, but they also have spare parts for sale and have launched a service center as well. 


The bike has a powerful 200cc water-cooled engine and six-speed transmission.

This bike has a 2nd generation engine which was introduced in Feb 2019. The main difference between the 1st generation and 2nd generation is the crankshaft which has significantly improved in terms of quality. This has resulted in improved engine rotation and cooling technology.  

Furthermore, there have been changes in the gearbox and clutch place system. Overall, performance has improved greatly. 

The engine’s displacement is 198cc and produces 17Hp. The wet weight is 149.7 kg. All the 150cc bikes have a wet weight between 135 to 150. This means that this has the same wet weight as that of a 150cc motorcycle, but this gives us 50cc more in displacement and 3 -4 hp more. This explains why the top speed is 130 to 140. The bike has excellent throttle and pick. 

Gearbox and brakes

The gearbox has six transmissions. The bike has soft gears and doesn’t require much force. The same goes for the clutch. 

The bike has excellent stopping power. Both front and back have a disc braking system. The front has a dual-piston caliper disc, and rare has a single-piston caliper disc. 


According to the current dollar rate, the price of this bike is PKR 385,000. As per the dealer, the bike will be available to the customer 45 days after booking. 

Engine oil

The bike uses 1.25-liter engine oil. It has a paper air filter which costs PKR 700.  

Design and wheels

Colors available are black and red with a metallic finish and white matte. Paint quality is that of the European standard, and much better than he previously launched biked. The bike has a microfibre texture in the non-painted black part of the bike. 

Lifan KPR 200 is equipped with 17 inches alloy wheels and tubeless tires. The wheel at the front is 90/90, and the wheel at the back is 120/80


Right side grip has a self-start, parking light, main headlight, engine kill switches. A mobile charging gauge is also available. The left side has a horn, indicators, high and low beams switches; and a dipper option.  

Rpm meter is analog. The speedometer is digital and can be switched between miles per hour and kilometers per hour. It displays the time, fuel volume, and other information. 


Front headlight comes with dual DRL lights. The main light is a projector with low and high beam options. The rear light is led. 


At the front, there is a telescopic fork, and rear has a single mono-shock. The rider can adjust this according to his weight and height. 


Riding is comfortable because the seat is cushioned. However, the bike requires the rider to lean forward a bit. Over time, people can get used to doing this. 

See the complete video review below:

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