List of Small SUV’s in Pakistan

9 1,830

According to yearly sales statistics and studies of global automobile trends, it is easy to see that in the next coming few years, SUV sales will be dominating the automobile industry. We have the examples of Honda Vezel and Nissan Juke in Pakistan. In the few months that these cars have been introduced in Pakistan, their increase in import quantity and presence on the roads is quite noticeable. Apparently, some dealers have also admitted to taking ‘On’ on these vehicles apart from their commission. Suffice to say the market potential for a new, modern and competitively priced SUV from a local auto manufacturer is quite noticeable. The afore-mentioned reason can also be attributed to Pak-Suzuki’s decision to introduce Suzuki Vitara in this category of vehicles.

Though many European and American SUV’s are available in different engine displacements and specifications; however for the sake of this article we will be limiting our discussion till the small SUV’s (upto 1800 cc) available in Pakistan.



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  1. MySchizoBuddy says

    So Audi Q2 doesn’t have an automatic transmission option

  2. yeah me says

    since when did honda get permission to use thee word synergy? i thought toyota owned that trademark , clearly a noob would make that mistake considering the quantity of them priuses on the road saying the word

  3. CivicX says

    It’s written that this is the list of cars upto 1800cc but cr-v is 2400cc

  4. iftikhar says

    these are not SUVs. they fall in the CUV category, cross overs

  5. Sultan Kiani says

    Being 999 cc and a crossover by Audi will make Q-2 a clear winner! Fate of Vitara would be no different as of Kizashi because Suzuki = cheap brand for common man!

  6. Amir says

    it actually has a 7 speed S tronic DSG transmission

  7. Amir says

    for sure!

  8. Muhammad Yasir says

    which one is cheapest ?

  9. Fahad says

    But the price of q2 will also mater along with maintenance / services charges. This q2 should fall in between 28 to 33 lac range for a good win… but there is another player which will soon be seen on roads as toyota chr… a game changer but one think that worries me alot is the price.

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