List of Toyota Corolla Variants, Features & Prices in Pakistan

Buying a car is always a special occasion. But the choice can be a little tough if you have both, options and budget. Take Toyota Corolla as an example, there are 2 variants of XLi (Basic and L.E), 2 variants of GLi (Manual and Automatic) and 5 variants of Altis. Sometimes, more options to choose from can become bothersome and unfortunately if someone is not very pro-active in researching their choices before hand, choosing a car can definitely become difficult. So, we decided to list down the features off all Corolla variants to make this choice between them easier and more comprehensible. And I hope that this compilation of data will serve as a single collection of features, where it will help readers in identifying all the different aspects of these models, which help in differentiating them from each other.

Lets first have a look at the Gli Variants of Toyota Corolla available in Pakistan:

Toyota-Corolla-GliLets now have a look at the Altis Variants of Toyota Corolla available in Pakistan:



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  • Ammar

    So the only difference between the Altis CVTi and Altis Grande CVTi is the paddle shifter? That is worth an extra 2 lac?

  • Paddle shifters
    Seat height adjustment

    If someone wants to have Sunroof, Grande remains as the only available option.

  • Aqeel Zia Nayyer

    climate control as well

  • Khurram

    Very informative.

  • Tariq Javed

    Grande and 1.8 CVTI have following major differences:-
    Leather seats
    Driver plus Passenger airbags
    Seat height adjuster
    Retractable side mirrors
    Front storage for sunglasses
    Paddle shifters

  • jawed

    altis grande should have a different shape than other corolla cars of same model.

  • Retaliation.

    What a terribly greedy price for a car with zero features base model…. I’m waiting for the time when they remove seat belts from their car.

  • talha sarwar

    Hey I.want.To bok New corolla Gli 2018 so can u tell me best dealer in Karachi and total amount of car