Man buried astride his motorcycle in US

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We have seen too many fake burial pictures on social media to believe in anything like this but this is as true as it can be. People think about their final resting places long before they even know when will the time come, but although usually those wishes are clearly not so odd, but Billy Standley of Ohio, US had been working on to make arrangements to be buried astride his beloved 1967 Harley Davidson Electra Glide for around two decades and he’s had his last wish completed.

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Popular amongst family and friends, his sons built the Plexiglas box while a team of five embalmers prepared Billy’s body to be stuck on to the bike. The plexiglass box was built to fit his bike’s body cement container while the embalmers secured his body on the Harley with straps and a metal back brace.

Officials of the funeral homes said that Billy himself worked and asked to buried this and they were happy to assist him.