Many automakers want to come but can’t come – Former Finance Minister

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The News International has got to know that a list of 40 cases have been made available in the files of the Finance Ministry which tells tales of corruption and resistance on part of Finance Ministry.

Dwelling into the details, many cases can be known about how the PPP led government and its leader tried to bypass the rules and acted on wishes and whims incurring a heavy cost to the taxpayers’ money, all the while Finance Ministry tried to resist them.

Three years ago we first learnt of Yamaha’s plan to invest and build motorcycles in Pakistan, but then we never heard about any development in that regard except the fact that Yamaha was still pushing through countless of mountains of files and corrupt lobbies created by the local assemblers.

At one point in time, PAMA, which is one of the automotive mafia in Pakistan came out blunt and seeked out publicly to block Yamaha’s investment in Pakistan, a country with tragicly low jobs and foriegn investment but more importantly, foriegn confidence.

One part we learned last year as to why PAMA does not want to Yamaha to start building motorcycles in Pakistan, the other part we have learned today;

Former finance minister Saleem Mandviwalla, while talking with The News, was asked amongst other things; whether he proposed incentives for Yamaha in terms of tariff and taxes, he said that many motorcycle manufacturers wanted to enter the Pakistani market and after evaluating our structure they advised him that no manufacturer can come due to the monopoly of local manufacturers.

We proposed change of frame work for auto mobile industry as whole and made it possible for new investment to come into Pakistan. This frame work included tariff, deletion and other issues which were approved by Mr Hafeez Sheikh.

And perhaps it is that reason that Yamaha has finally got the green light to begin its work here.

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  1. Zahid Shafi says

    So a good news.

  2. Muhammad Bilal Arshad Khokhar says

    As far as motorcycle industry is concerned, I think, it is moving ahead day by day and we don't need to ask for foreign investment, as is the case in car manufacturing, where only three japanies car manufacturere/assmebler are enjoying the monoply and don't give opening to any new manufacturer. I am sure Yamaha will be a local industry at its start but with the passege of time they became global, we should ask for joint venture rather their direct investment, to enjoy their capabilities and experience while enhancing the capability and capacity of local manufactureres. Pakistan, according to a rough estimate, is producing about 2 million motorcycles p.a. and direct investment will surely distroy the local industry, so we should encourage foreign manufacturers to have technical and managerial collaboration/joint ventures with local manufacturers, so that we don't loose our local manufacturers.
    By the grace of God during the last ten years local manufacturers were able to produce the motorcyles of the standard given by the international manufacturers, and now the have developed the standards, too, known as PS i.e. Pakistan Standard and are improving it day by day. Now one can have a motorcyle with same features at a lower price as compared to produced by some foreign manufacturer. This is the time when we should try to motivate Honda, Yamaha, kawasaki, Suzuki etc. to stand by the local manufacturers and give them hand, more or less technical/assembly/production facilities are available in the local market, now these companies come forward and should give share their knowledge in a way that local market producers start producing the motorbikes of the international standards localy, as was done in india where local manufaurers of automobile and motorcyles had joint ventures with international manufactures e.g. Maroti became the Maroti Suzuki etc.

  3. Akber Ali says

    Dear Friends I need mini cooper 1956 please if any one have a ref no do inform me.

  4. Aqeel Zia Nayyer says

    getting crappy old decade models from local manufacturer is a growth you think?

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