Maryam Nawaz Spotted Using Fake Vehicle Number Plates


Maryam Nawaz appearance before the Joint investigation team probing the panama papers case created a buzz around the country. It was Maryam using fake number plates on the vehicles that was the highlight of the day. Almost every single news channel ran the story about the controversial number plates she was using on the vehicles under her use. As soon as the news came out about Maryam using fake number plates, it captured the attention of the social media and from Twitter to Facebook, almost everyone was condemning it.  She arrived in a convoy of at least 11 vehicles and a BMW she was riding with a number plate SN777 was the first vehicle to be spotted with a fake registration number by the journalists. Later it was discovered that two other vehicles in her convoy were having the fake number plates. Maryam’s BMW (SN777) is registered in the name of Mr. Mohamad Daud son of kala khan as a Honda cg 125 motorbike with the excise and taxation office record.


Her other BMW with the registration number BC 348 is registered as a Honda civic 2004, in the name of Faysal Bank as a leasing vehicle as per the records.


Another Land cruiser carrying the registration number CS 787 is registered as a Toyota Axio Cs 2007, under the name of Mr. Imran Yaqoob.


Minister for Information Maryum Aurganzeb in a press conference told the media that Maryam arrived in Federal Judicial Complex in the cars under Sharif family personal use.Interestingly if the vehicles are owned by  Sharif family  then the question arises as to in which capacity these vehicles are being used with fake number plates; as there is no provision in the law which entitles anyone to use the fake number on their private vehicles. One wonders why the ruling party had not learned any lesson from the mistakes committed by the previous government, Pakistan People Party in their regime faced a strong criticism when Ex-prime minister Mr Yousaf Raza Gillani was spotted using fake number plates in a land cruiser LRZ-786 earlier when he appeared before Supreme Court on 19th January 2012.


On the other hand, If there is any law or a SOP that permits prime minister or the high-level Government dignitaries to keep the fake number vehicles then it must be explained so the masses can understand. Government officials also need to make it clear that there is a difference between a security protocol and a VIP protocol. Keeping in view the security situation in the country yes prime minister daughter is eligible for the security protocol but she is not eligible for the VIP protocol. To make it further worse using vehicles with fake number plates is the matter that will haunt Maryam Nawaz and her party for a long time. PakWheels  News cell tried to contact Ruling party senior officials for their point of view but no one was willing to give the official response on this issue.

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Notable Replies

  1. They "rule" law. They believe they are above the law. That is a royal family and the rest of the country is children of lesser god.

  2. These cars are unregistered and they put fake plates for security reasons.
    they use various fake numbers.

    No harm in it IMO.

  3. aa78 says:

    Maryam Nawaz? You mean Mariam Safdar, as listed on her passport and documents as per Panama Papers?

  4. Actually they do. They do not use a single number plate. Change it often. Most likely to deceive someone going after a vehicle with known number.

    This practice is illegal but everything is fair in love and 'war'.

  5. Karachi is a high risk city can I use fake number plate on my car for security reasons?.
    Jaan tu sab ko piyari hoti Hai. I think army personal should use w11 number plates on their rides.

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