Master Motors might bring Changan cars in Pakistan

Changan vehicles

According to the details, the Ministry of Industry and Manufacturing has given category-A greenfield status to Master Motors, which shows that Pakistan’s local auto industry has lots of space for new automakers. Master Motors has already signed an agreement with a Chinese vehicle manufacturing company named Chongqing Changan Automobile Limited to manufacture cars in Pakistan. Moreover, a few days back Master Motors held the groundbreaking ceremony of its assembly plant and where the company would assemble and sell Changan’s vehicles in Pakistan.

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Changan Automobile is famous for manufacturing high-end SUVs and Sedans in China. And now with the company coming to Pakistan, the local industry will surely diversify. It is reported that Masters Motors will launch CX70 a 7-seat SUV and a sedan in the country at the initial phase.

It is to be noted here that previously a few days back Master Motors and Foton JW Auto Park, owned by JW SEZ, exchanged harsh words over being given the Greenfield status to Foton JW. The official of Master Motors while talking to the media said it is an unjustified move and hurts its business as well. Whereas on the other hand, while responding to the statement made by Master Motors, the official of  Foton JW asserted that it is far from the truth, and they acquired the status after strict scrutiny.

And now the Greenfield status has been given to Master Motors let’s see how Foton JW reacts on this development.

The other companies which have been awarded the greenfield status are Regal Automobile Industries Limited and Sazgar Engineering Works etc.

Till now the Government of Pakistan has awarded Greenfield status to eight companies under auto policy 2016-21, the latest being Master Motors.

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