Meet the Revised Audi A6 – Priced at PKR 8 Million

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Quality, design and technology – these three features are the key selling point of Audi full-size models. With the start of new model year, Audi Pakistan is following the precedent set by Audi International and is enhancing its products by revising their packages and tariffs. The Audi A6 features bold contours that surround the air inlets in the bumper, and struts high-gloss black that divide the lateral ventilation grills horizontally. The side fenders and rear bumpers are also more angular in shape. And lastly, a new rear diffuser has been garnished on the back to finish off the new upbeat looks of the car.

The car comes in Business Class and a standard package. But as obvious by various online campaigns, Audi Pakistan is primarily focusing on the availability of all new Audi A6 Business Class Edition. Apart from the standard feature included in the Audi A6 Business Class Package, the company is also adding glass sunroof, driver information system with colour display and MMI Touch in this 2017 model. The car has been advertised to cost PKR 8 million rupees, which will exclude all the registration and excise taxes.
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