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We’re not Grammar Nazis, in fact, I am not a grammar nazi, I focus on the content. We don’t even believe in such a thing especially when English or some other language isn’t your native language. The thing that bugs me the most is people bend over for Messi and he doesn’t even speak a word of English, in fact, no footballer does but when our cricketers try to communicate in their broken English, they are made fun of. Hey don’t hate the player for something which played no part whatsoever in him/her playing for the national side.

Even when you step out abroad, you’re met with people who appreciate you trying to speak their tongue, it’s a matter of great honor if someone tries to communicate in your language.

But, we’re all curious souls, all blessed with the gift of teaching themselves to be better and we can be better. So to find out, we figured out the cars’ name that we have all got wrong in Pakistan.

One reason to explain the difference in pronunciation of a car’s name is the variation in spoken dialect. Or may be, we just don’t know how to say it.

Chevrolet, it is pronounced ‘Shav-ro-layh’, not ‘Shoor-lay’ as we’ve more often heard from different folks.

Cuore, something all Pakistanis, including the company which produced it got it wrong. It’s not called ‘Kohray’, it is an Italian word which means heart and is pronounced ‘Ko-aah-ray’. But I guess as Unilever Pakistan just went with ‘Ka-nor’ against its actual pronunciation of ‘Nor’, so did Indus Motors as well or they just might know too….

Prius, we’ve often heard people call it ‘Pry-us’, while its simply ‘Pree-us’.

Hyundai, it came, it saw and it just lost. Though coming to see Hyundai’s new range of cars, we feel bad that they packed up and left. The cars they have today are just pleasing to the eyes and as reports come in from the Middle East. Toyota is having to face a tough time over there however, the ‘peeli taxis’ (yellow taxis) that came to fight a losing battle, they were mostly called ‘He-yun-dey’ instead of the proper way saying it ‘Hoon-day’ or ‘Hun-daii’.

Daewoo, it was a hopeless car, the rice-mobile of today is often called ‘Die-woo’ instead of ‘Day woo’.

Peugeot, ‘Pee-jutt’, that is such a wrong way to say it. The way is ‘Poh-joe’, which again differs upon dialect spoken.

Bike, I’ve come across a lot of people who call motorcycle ‘Gaari’. It is a motorcycle, or a motorbike.

Tundra, it never belonged to Pakistan but since Tundra is classified as a truck in the US, and hence it falls in the commercial category which has some duty concessions so you’re able to see the gas-guzzling ‘Tunn-dra’ for around 4-5 millions rupees but when you see it the next time, it’s called ‘Tandra’.

Vezel, yeah, its a good car but it’s not ‘Vee-zal’ or ‘Weasel’, rather  ‘Way-zel’, know about a watch’s bezel? Honda just replaced B with a V.

Toyota Porte is not ‘Por-tay’, it’s just Port. Like Karachi Port.

Porsche, the whole world has got it wrong with ‘Porshh’, while the correct way is ‘Porshaa’.

Grande, if you want to pronounce it with the ‘e’ would be “Gran-day”. It is definitely not “grand-ee” as everyone likes to call it.

Let us know some more mentionable examples in the comments section below.

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  1. Aamir Bashir says

    Coupe >> koo-pay, Renault >> Ray-no, Mercedes >> Mer-say-deez, Seat >> See-yat, you forgot to mention this bro … but let me give you some info about this that every 15-20 miles accent changes and people pronounce it different … like in London children call their Father dad and in Glassgow they call da, same here every place people’s pronunciation differs 🙂

  2. Baber says

    Much appreciate you for mentioning that. We discussed them, but forgot to mention them up there but you’re correct, even we mentioned the main difference being that of spoken dialect. Cheers.

  3. Bielal Ehmad says

    Jeremy says pry-us

  4. Bielal Ehmad says

    I had a Peugeot and it was very embarrassing if I wud call it Poh-joe

  5. NYPD says

    nothing wrong in Pakistani pronunciations. British pronunciations are worst, calling a coupe, copay and some funny prius. Hyundai >> Handay

  6. Sulaiman Lalani says

    hmmm kind a informative i guess i have corrected my grammer mistakes here & will proud to announce new pree-us 2016 😛

  7. Baber says


  8. Baber says

    How do you say it than? And where is it embarrassing?

  9. Aamir Bashir says

    Anyway much obliged … its grand learning ideas and things from each other … keep it up bro 🙂

  10. Haida Kay says

    Thanks bro.. highly appreciated !! kch t0 pta ta kuch ka malo0m h0 gaya **ThumbxUP**

  11. Bielal Ehmad says

    i say pee-jyo thats how all the mechanics say :p

  12. kaka says

    hahaha “pee-jutt” hilarious 😀

  13. Nabeel Farooqui says

    I should bookmark this for future arguments.

  14. Nabeell Shahid says

    Hyundai is “Yun-Day” where ‘H’ and ‘I’ are silent

  15. Anzak says

    Altis ‘grande’ is altis ‘grand’
    VW is “folks waa-gone”
    Audi is “aau-dee”

  16. Xtreme says

    No body mentioned my all time favorite “Pee-Jaro” 🙂

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