New Japanese Suzuki Alto – First pictures leaked

Suzuki runs quite a few variants of vehicles around the world. In Japan specifically, the Kei car concept is flourishing one as evident by the fact that Honda no longer produces Civic in Japan. There’s a lack of space and big cars, therefore aren’t in demand. Suzuki has a different Alto in India, and the company also said to Pak Suzuki to source Alto parts from there too which led to the discontinuation of Alto.

The model timeframe for a particular model of Suzuki in Japan runs just about five years. The current Japanese Alto arrived in 2009 and the new one, pictures of whom was just leaked, will be coming on December 22 at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Pakistani car importers have brought the Japanese Alto to Pakistan which has received a certain appreciation for build quality because ‘Made in Japan’ triumphs over every country. The new Alto has a more aggressive look to it with sporty but retro accent to the grille, lights, etc.

The leaked images also give us insight that there will be a lot of versions of the Japanese Alto; as one is seen with non-matching bumpers, and a bit of rugged look with hood scoop, foglight and position lights, we’re guessing this would be the 4WD version.

Yes, there will be a 2WD and 4WD version of the new Alto. And since this is a Kei car, the engine powering it is a 660cc petrol engine, same as on the outgoing Japanese Alto. It produces 54 PS at 6,500 rpm and 63 Nm of torque at 3,500 rpm, this power is sent to the wheel through a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic gearbox, again these gear boxes are shared from the outgoing model however, the new model could see a more efficient CVT.

We’re guessing the new Alto will soon begun to arrive in Pakistan as soon as Japanese auction houses began to get a hold of them.

New-Suzuki-Alto-JDM-front-three-quarters New-Suzuki-Alto-JDM New-Suzuki-Alto-JDM-front-quarter New-Suzuki-Alto-JDM-headlight

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