NHA increases toll rates from July 7

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The trend of prices and rates of everything now, has to be up. The managers have lost competence to control and sustain anything. While government’s of other countries try to provide as much support and comfort to fasters during Ramzan, Pakistani authorities, have jacked up the toll rates. We believe that someone’s collecting Eidi already!

The new rates are as follows, as shared by FazalWahab.

Click on the images to enlarge.

5eha2y2e 5areteby

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  1. Naseem Haider says

    yar what the hell! 440:o tarnol say kalarkahar kiya rate banay ga 240 ?

  2. Hassan Ali says

    From where are going to bring this money from halal ki kamai????

  3. Asif Khushk says

    Eid gift

  4. Adnan Iqbal says

    POWER of PML N vote .14- August come out and protest again these shits …..Apni Main sab ki bullet proof ghari ka pasia recover kar raha hain .

  5. Muhammad Zia Ur Rehman says

    hi hi hi,,,, N league zinda bad,,,,

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