Local automakers introduce advance tax on cars

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Authorized dealers in Karachi have issued the schedule for collecting advance income tax, different for filers and non-filers of income tax, at the time of booking cars and jeeps. Dealers will collect the advance income tax on behalf of their assemblers as per decision taken in the federal budget 2014-2015. The assemblers will then deposit the tax to the government’s treasury.

Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMCL) has issued a circular to its authorized dealers on Thursday (July 3) regarding ex-factory prices inclusive of advance income tax.

For Mehran VX and Mehran VXR, advance income tax of RS 10,000 is fixed for both filers and non-filers bracket. On Wagon R VX, Wagon R VXR and Wagon R VXL models, the amount goes up to RS20,000 for filers and RS25,000 for non-filers. The tax on Cultus VXR is RS 20,000 for filers and RS 25,000 for non-filers. Liana RXI and Liana LXI hold an amount of RS50,000 and RS100,000 respectively. On Swift DLX, DX STD, AT, DLX NV and AT NV, the dealers are going to collect RS 50,000 from filers and RS 100,000 from non-filers.

Honda Atlas Pakistan will collect RS 30,000 and RS 40,000 from filers and non-filers on Honda City, and RS 50,000 and RS 100,000 on City Aspire. On Honda Civic (all variables), Rs 75,000 will be charged from filers and Rs 150,000 from non-filers. A letter issued by Honda Atlas stated that the prices are to remain unchanged, only the additional taxes are added to the prices.

Assemblers will provide the receipt of the advance income tax to the customers for adjustment of this tax in their respective income tax returns while the have also asked their dealers to check whether the customers file tax or not.

On 1801cc to 2000cc, advance tax is RS100000 for filers and RS200000 for non-filers. And on 2001cc to 2500cc, advance tax is RS150000 for filers and RS300000 for non-filers.

On 2501cc to 3000cc, advance tax is RS250000 for filers and RS400000 for non-filers, and above 3000cc the tax increases to RS250000 and RS4500000 respectively.

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  1. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    it'll hurt the sale of swift, as city will cost less to non-filers in long term.

  2. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    so i'm a top commenter now, but how?

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