Nissan GT-R wrapped in Gold chrome

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The days of paint are numbered and vinyl wraps will be taking over the cars completely in few years because of their obvious advantages over normal paint. In a wrap, you can take it off whenever you want and the when you’re selling, the new buyer have no reasons to cry or believe that the car was involved in a accident and therefore, it was given a new paint instead of an owner just wanting to make their car look cool.

We have been seeing many cars in shiny, ostentatious wraps, mainly chrome and this GT-R wrapped in Gold Chrome by WrapStyle, a company based in Poland, for a customer in Dubai.

Hate it or like it, whats done is done as money doesn’t guarantees good taste and this GT-R is no exception. Even the wheels and the windows have a gold tint to them, but we would have loved the wrap to be underpinned by a cool body with a huge splitter and a lowered suspension.

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