Non-Custom Paid Cars Being Advertised on Social Media


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Non-custom paid cars have been quite popular in the northern areas of Pakistan due to the fact that no law enforcement agency was actually concerned about those areas for quite a long time. But due to the vast availability of internet and social media, the trend of selling non-custom paid cars on social media groups and pages are gaining momentum.

Agents dealing in non-custom paid vehicles are using social media as a platform to find buyers by offering them delivery of vehicles on their door step. These pages are being regularly updated and the smugglers are even providing their contact numbers for any kind of information required. ‘Non-custom cars kabli’, ‘Non-custom cars’, ‘Non-custom paid kalbi cars’ and ‘Non-custom paid- NCP kabli cars AK motors’ are some popular pages on Facebook dealing in smuggled cars. Here is a glimpse of how non-custom paid cars are smuggled across borders:




For attracting more and more customers, the smugglers are selling luxury vehicles at throwaway prices. Moreover, they can also prepare bogus documents for you with an additional cost. This increased business of selling smuggled cars is not being tracked by law enforcement agencies and no noteworthy actions are being taken by the government. It is not like stopping this business is a hard nut to crack, after all mobile and IP address tracing is a reality and can be done quite easily these days.

Non-custom paid cars can be a serious threat to the security of roads and passengers. These non-custom paid cars can be used in any of the terrorists’ attacks and other criminal activities. The border management system should also be improvised to stop the smuggling of vehicles from the Pak-Afghan Chaman Border.

The trend of non-custom paid vehicles should not only be controlled in urban areas but it should also be banned in the tribal areas. Sources reveal that some notified back routes are being used to smuggle non-custom paid cars to the tribal borders and then driven all the way to KPK.


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