Non-filers to get permit to purchase vehicles again

The Government of Pakistan barred non-filers to purchase any vehicle from 1, July 2018. However, according to the fresh development and as reported by the news channel City 42, non-filers would be allowed to buy vehicles having engine capacity less than 1000cc. Previously, aside from buying cars, the government also banned non-filers to even buy a bike, but now they would be able to buy bikes as well.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) will issue the official directive in next 2-3 days. We also contacted an official and he also confirmed that the work is being done on the issue and in next few days, hopefully, the non-filers will be allowed to purchase cars and other vehicles. Excise and Taxation Department has already issued a notification to its directors in this regard.

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After the government barred non-filers to purchase or book a vehicle, the local assemblers, following the order, also stopped bookings from non-filers. It is to be noted here that the Senate Standing Committee on Finance had recommended to the government to relax restrictions on non-filers and allow them to buy or import cars up to 1000cc to give relief to the middle-class population of the country. However, the proposal was rejected by the government. But it seems that now the authorities would soon allow people to buy vehicle having engine capacity less than 1000cc.

Let’s see, whether the concerned authorities really allow the non-filers to buy a vehicle or not. Stay tuned to

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  • Abdullah

    Non filers should not be allowed …no matter how much the car sales drop……….we have suffered enough at the hands on non tax filers…..

  • Asim Zafar

    You didn’t suffer at the hands of non filers but at the hands of the so called filers whom u elect to be your rulers!

  • Hassaan .J

    this will result increase in Premium/own Money !!
    corrupt government corrupt nation

  • Askari

    koi faida nahi hai is government koi law&order banna ne ka.Har baat par to corruption ka hisa ajata hai. Kuch din bad yeh bhi shuro hojaye ga 1000cc wala 1300cc ki gari lekar chala raha hoga (N0N-filer admi). #golmaalhaibhaisabgolmaalhai

  • Zohaib Asif

    Good news for Non-Filer that they can get a car below 1000cc from anyone. A notification has been issued.

  • Umar Ishfaq

    what a act of kindness … rubbish what we can find in less than 1000cc ignorant fools

  • Muhammad Arid

    Can a non filer purchase a used car more than 1000 cc ??

  • Aly Zeeshan

    May face difficulty in Transfer & Double Tax for being Non-Filler.
    Wish to be Filler & Tax Compliant or either can avail Amnesty, Contact: 0321-8264128
    ArNamz Consulting.

  • Abbas Khan

    Firstly, not allowing Non-filers not to purchase any vehicle is 110% correct decision. Person not registered with taxation authorities & not paying tax shouldn’t be allow to do any sort of transaction!!!

  • Abbas Khan

    Secondly, The change cannot be undone by FBR through a simple notification, but shall require a presidential ordinace as the requirement has been enacted through the Finance Act passed by the parliament!!!

  • Guest

    What do you mean by “person not paying tax”? Everybody pays tax. Tax on fuel, tax on bread, tax on milk, tax on government services, tax on mobile recharge, tax on bank transaction, tax on birth, tax on death, tax, tax, tax everywhere!

    In fact filers are in better situation because they can claim tax refund. Whereas non-filers cannot. Therefore non-filers are technically superior to filers, because non-filers are giving to government without any greed, where filers’ vested interest is to claim refund.

  • Guest again

    Instead of going for cc, they should go for list price of vehicle.
    As a higher cc vehicle can be cheaper than a lower cc vehicle. E.g FAW V2 is cheaper than Suzuki New Cultus.
    Similarly, some heavy bikes are more expensive than Mehran.

  • Abbas Khan

    This is the most bizare justification for not filing returns;
    Most of the examples u have given relate to indirect taxes consisting of GST & Duties.
    Also if a person’s Tax is withheld, one must claim it via routine tax computation in the tax return, unless something need to be concealed!!!

  • Abbas Khan

    Honest persons shouldn’t be afraid of Filing return, becoming a filer!!!

  • Abbas Khan

    Notification challenged as FBR do not have power to amend clause passed by assembly through Finance act!!!