Not Yaris, Vios is coming to Pakistan!

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The rumor mill has again started churning out false news regarding the launch of Toyota Yaris by IMC in Pakistan.

For the past couple of days, social media is abuzz with the possible introduction of Yaris in Pakistan. PakWheels, however, believes that Vios and not Yaris will be introduced in Pakistan.

One of the reasons why this rumor is doing the rounds lately could be that Vios is also named Yaris in some countries. It is worth reminding our readers that Yaris, which is a whole different car as compared to Vios, shares the same platform as Vios, since both are manufactured by Toyota.


In Pakistan, Toyota Vios is expected to be launched with a 1.3 Liter DOHC 16 Valve with Dual VVT-i engine mated to either a manual or auto transmission that produces around 100 hp and 123 Nm of torque. The car is already sold in different countries such as China, India and Thailand. Last year, while talking to, a Toyota vendor revealed that the company has given them target to make Vios parts and it would be launched next year in the local auto industry.

It is rumored that the company will replace its iconic XLi and GLi models in favor of Vios; however, nothing can be said with utmost surety at his moment.

Furthermore, aside from Vios, Toyota IMC, last year, also imported Daihatsu Perodua Bezza. It was a test-drive model, which the company imported for research purposes and to test its performance on the roads of Pakistan.

That’s it from our side, drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Mr. Viscous says

    What exactly is the point of this article when it is based on a Year-old “revelation” by a parts vendor while the reports of Yaris sedan are completely new?
    How are you refuting one claim by throwing another year old claim against it as “proof”?
    You do realize that these things can change and that nothing is set in stone, right?
    Case in point, “The car is already sold in different countries such as China, India, and Thailand”
    Wrong. Toyota sells the Yaris sedan in India, not the Vios. It was widely believed that India would be getting the Vios in 2018, but they got Yaris instead. So, until we get official confirmation, or see an actual test mule/car, it’s better to not to label any info as “Fake”.

  2. Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen says

    Thats an old habit of 2 to 3 PW bloggers. When they have nothing to write, they just recycle old information, Awais yousuf and Ali laghari sahab are the respected individuals who keep recycling old info, awais sahab even has the guts to abuse and curse readers if they question the quality of such content so u can safely imagine whats PW nowadays..

  3. MySchizoBuddy says

    The yaris launched in india looks just like the vios in this post. Perhaps in india vios shape was launched under the yaris brand.

  4. umair says

    The writer has written it correctly as third gen facelift Vios under the guise of Yaris is being sold in India. The car is the same as the one launched in Indonesia– In Indonesia it is being sold as Vios. All the spec, features, styling are the same. You can check and compare the both. Moreover, the writer has clearly mentioned above that Vios and Yaris use each other’s name in different countries, so what is the fuss about.

  5. Mr. Viscous says

    Exactly this.
    The debate surrounding what it’s going to be called. We know that both cars can use either name so it is futile to say one claim is false and the other is true.
    That is precisely why i said we should wait until we get something substantial or official.

  6. FaZtastics FaseehQureshi says

    The images seen in the blog may not be correct. That is the older vios. This is the newer version. The yaris that is sold in India is of the same shape, not the yellow one in the pictures above. This is the latest model.
    This will be the rival of the Honda City.

  7. FaZtastics FaseehQureshi says

    Incase there is still debate on these names, this is the yaris sold in India. Same shape, but different name. Whether Toyota IMC releases vios or yaris, it will be the same.

  8. Guest says

    whatever the name, the pix u guys are showing in your blog isnt coming to Pakistan

  9. Ahmed says

    Well the vios is named Yaris in Saudia Arabia.

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