Is Pak Suzuki launching an all-new (HYBRID) Swift?

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Lately, many new entrants have launched their vehicles in the market to grab market share and disrupt the monopoly of already existing brands. Sensing competition from the newcomers, the local Japanese automakers are doing what they can to diversify their vehicles’ lineup and to enhance their production capability.

To this effect, Pak Suzuki has launched Alto 660cc, discontinuing its obsolete and outdated Mehran. Honda Atlas, on the other hand, relaunched its Civic Turbo while there are reports that Toyota IMC might also introduce Vios in the market. Aside from this, recently an all-new Suzuki Swift has been spotted, presumably doing test rounds on the road. The car has been registered under Pak Suzuki’s name and is equipped with a 1242 cc engine. The most important bit of information about this Swift is its hidden emblem presumably “Hybrid”. Pak Suzuki, for now, has hidden the emblem with tape on it. If the rumors doing the round are to be believed then this CBU Swift Hybrid will be available in Pakistan by the end of this year. 

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However, it cannot be conclusively said whether Pak Suzuki will launch the vehicle in the local market, as the company has not made any official statement in this regard. The spotted one is fourth-generation Swift. See the picture below:

That’s it from our side, drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. FaZtastics FaseehQureshi says

    My I request a blog on the topic of the new honda city, whether the 6th generation will be released, or will Honda Pakistan keep going with the outdated fifth generation, and the reason behind this. Will they skip to the 7th generation or not even that??

  2. Kashif Akbar says

    If Pak Suzuki is able to listen the tunes of market, its good for them more then the buyer. living with the obsolete models will kill suzuki well before they could this about it. Updated models can help them survive. Pak suzuki knows how ill they are reputed in the market ir respective of their heaps of earnings in the past. Jaag Jana Behtar hai Pak Suzuki K liye.

  3. Ahmed Hassan says

    4th Gen suzuki swift at the same price tag of 16 lac is going to sell like hot cakes especially in 1300 cc range given its stylish look and powerful drive, fully loaded with features. 1.3L with hatchback segment still remains open for new entrants with no or few Pakistani assembled vehicle.
    Pak Suzuki should have launched this model of swift back in 2017 instead of Ciaz, which have completely flopped in Pakistani market due to strong competition from Honda city and IMC Corolla.
    But I don’t think Pak Suzuki have any plans of upgrading the current swift as they have done in past with Mehran and Cultus for decades. The company also have reduced profits for last year owing to poor products available in market, credit to their product development team.

  4. Nabeel Munir says

    Hi, as interesting as the headline was and well written the article, the image you are showing is of a Japanese Swift model that has been imported here, not car Suzuki is going to be launching, please be more careful while posting, for reference how you can tell that the image is of a Japanese imported car please see the rating sticker on the back should be more than enough.

  5. Mr. Viscous says

    But it’s ownership is under “Pak Suzuki Motor Company Ltd”, not a private individual. That’s what matters. PS has imported a few Hybrid Swifts from Japan for testing purposes with launch scheduled for late 2019.

  6. Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen says

    Agree with all of your points specially the last part because lots of useless content is being published on PW quite regularly now..

  7. Guest says

    So they are upgrading passenger cars, what about people carriers, commuters and cargo pickups which travel the greatest number of miles and spend most of the time on the road?

    VIz. Bolan & Ravi? Still decades old technology, cannot keep up with the traffic. Whereas millions of people use them daily as school vans, office vans etc. The drivers, students, teachers and office-goers suffer pathetic ride quality everyday and get tired even before reaching their workplace, resulting in low productivity.

  8. Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen says

    Haha nah they wont upgrade that crew they are about to go extinct because FAW giving them a tough time recently

  9. Osama says

    CONSIDERING AGS Cultus is being sold at 17lac +, i highly doubt it will be launched below 1.9 million.

  10. Irfan says

    I spotted the Vehicle in Lahore on Canal Road today 13 May 2019.

    It was Applied for

  11. AbdulB1 says

    Yeah they will launch it about 25 lakhs

  12. AbdulB1 says

    The real problem is open selling of vehicles without any security features…

  13. mohsin malik says

    2018 is 16 lack Rs. Add 1 lack shipment, 10 lack duty, 1 lack clearing = 28 lack.
    Nose diving $$$$
    30 lacks for Suzuki Swift

  14. Emu Malik says

    If car is able to beat aqua with better mileage and priced around 21.5 at most then would be worth buying.

  15. Tahir Usman says

    They better!Isiots

  16. FatherMan says

    im looking for car enthusiasts on having some discussions related to automobile industry and community, maybe we can go develop a new platform for enthusiasts ?

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