Now you can get a taxi in Karachi through an app

Pakistan has some problems regarding public transport system, in Lahore, Metro Bus has offered a quick fix but the demand for taxis still continues and new ideas are coming along more than ever before. After introduction of this new service of ‘Easy Taxi’ in Lahore and Islamabad, the service has now arrived in Karachi as well.

Easy Taxi service is a pretty good idea: What you do is download the app on your mobile phone, open and sign up with your details. Confirm your location, and then request a taxi, a taxi will be assigned to you after understanding your location and other details. You can watch the taxi coming to you on the map in the app, you can even contact the taxi driver.

The cars would be Xli and Gli Corollas, and will be installed with a GPRS system which will ensure the safety of passengers who can easily track out their nearest taxi. The trained drivers will be appointed for this taxi service, who are affirmed to give the best of their services to passengers with safe sound drive.

In an opening ceremony the Easy Taxi’s Country Manager, Adam Gazhnavi said; “our aim is to provide a relaxed and comfortable transportation system to our customers through easy taxi” he further told that after successful introductory services of world’s most popular easy taxi service in Islamabad and Lahore we are pleased to start it in Karachi, that will surely fulfill all necessary transportation needs of our society. The transportation situation in Pakistan is not hidden from anyone anywhere! Therefore; this service may bring prosperity in real concept of standardized transportation system in Pakistan.”

It seems that the advent of 3G and 4G will bring more apps to Pakistan which will change the ways we interact with a lot of services.

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Fazal Gilani

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  • syed

    Dear All,

    I would like to share a very useful advise with you people while using Cabs in karachi (metro cab,white cab etc)

    Today I used a white cab from the jinnah international airport karachi to Gulshan-e-iqbal and luckily I have note down the ODO meter at the airport and then suddenly the driver change the ODO meter into TRIP A option and as we reached outside the airport the TRIP A ODO meter shows the taxi covers 6 km which was really shocked for me and immediately I asked the driver why its showing 6 km since we just cover hardly 1.5 or 2 km but in reply he said this is the system and then I asked him to show the actual ODO METER which he refused than I asked him I will not give you any money and will speak to your manager and as I reached home which is just 12 km from airport but the TRIP A ODO meter showing 20 km which is again really shocking for me and interesting thing is that the paper which they provide me at the airport showing different ODO METER so I refused him to pay and sad news was that the driver also abuses me that he needs the money which I refused.Immediatly I reached home with out paying them and call the white cab and made a complain…..
    So please when ever you hire a cab from airport please see the ODO METER reading in the paper which they provide and double check this meter with the actual cab reading..
    There is something wrong in the Cabs meter reading so please save your money….

    Jazakallah khair..