OGRA proposes to increase the prices of diesel and petrol for the month of May

The government of Pakistan might be increasing the prices of petroleum product. The price of petrol is expected to be increased by Rs. 3.22 per liter, whereas the price of diesel might go up by Rs. 5.02 per liter from the first of May 2018. OGRA has already forwarded the summary and proposal to the government. And if approved, the new prices will come into effect from 12:00 in the midnight.

Current petrol and diesel prices are as follows:

  • Petrol- Rs86 per liter
  • Diesel (high-speed)- Rs96.45 per liter

If the new proposed tariff is implemented, the new prices of petrol and diesel will be as follows,

  • Petrol– Rs89.22 per liter
  • Diesel (high-speed)– Rs101.47 per liter

The government can, of course, reject or amend the proposal by OGRA.

Here are the proposed prices of rest of the POL products,

  • Kerosene– From Rs76.46 per liter to Rs83.43 per liter
  • Light-speed Diesel– From Rs72.25 per liter to Rs65.30 per liter

Let’s see what the new prices of POL products will be from the next month.