PAK Armoring introduces its UQAAB at IDEAS 2014

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PAK Armoring displayed its new UQAAB multi-purpose tactical armored vehicle at IDEAS 2014. The vehicle is specially designed for security personnel and VIP transports. The UQAAB is built on a strong and heavy duty chassis, with a powerful engine to move the whole thick metal vehicle and AWD system.

The impressive vehicle is protected with certified CEN B7/NIK IV armor which is equivalent to a 7.62 x 51 mm weapon shooting at 30 meters. Armor includes front, sides, rear, roof, and floor. The monster vehicle is designed to resist any incoming threats from any angle protecting the driver and passenger.

The UQAAB has the capacity to carry 8 soldiers with full equipment, plus the driver and co-driver making a total of 10 people. The seats of the vehicle are equipped with 4-point seat hitches, has doors at both sides and also one at the back. Seating system is designed to protect occupants from IED. The large ballistic windows provide visibility of the external environment.

Blast reduction and easing technology are used for designing the UQAAB which minimizes the shockwave and downward forces. Different custom-seating is available according to specific mission requirements. The vehicle is also equipped with several armored enhancements such as blast mitigation floor mat and offers many solutions for offensive actions. The vehicle is provided with roof turret which can be mounted with remote weapon station standard .30 or .50 cal machine guns or customer specific weapon system. Several spring loaded gun ports are unified at each seat in order to allow defensive actions.

PAK Armoring crew also ensured crew comfort by installing rear and front heating, air conditioning and ventilation system. The UQAAB is also equipped with an automatic system of the fire engine suppression.

Add-on armor kit is also available to provide additional protection resisting 14.5x114AP/B32 weapon shooting at 200 meters.


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  1. abobobilly says

    This will be a better vehicle than the hummer “amreeki” use.

  2. Hisam Jamal says

    HI Dear
    Great article… Please provide the real information o pakwheels car enthusiasts.
    Where it is built? Did the chases is based on Hilux? Engine?
    Tell me more bro….

  3. Ahmed Hembel says

    Seems like the Tundra platform by looking at headlights, taillights, and the wheelbase.

  4. Farrukh Khan says

    so why the hell does the BLOODY prime minister, called ganja in short, of a poor begging state move in a BMW 760. Why dosent he use this vechile, it is far more better!! nd we cant even make a car for the low income population and we pakistanis claim to manufacture these shits. what does a lay man get out of it!! zero. all the income is ruined totally ruined!!

  5. Faizan Ali says

    It is built on a Tundra Chassis…Cost is around 20 million as told by the their Rep in Ideas

  6. Mansoor Qazi says

    I see my tax money shielding the thieves and looters!

  7. Kaiser Hameed Khan says

    Ask Gunja , he can be contacted at Adiala Jail and would be too pleased to entertain MULAQATIs

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