Pak Suzuki finally reduces car prices but increase’s bike prices

It is all a strange mix, Pak Suzuki came last to reduce the prices of its cars. The reduction that took place is in a range from 5,000 rupees to 100,000 rupees depending on the model variant, information on which we’ll share later on however, Pak Suzuki also increased the prices of motorcycles which left motorcycle dealers baffled.

The reduction in prices of cars was prompted by the strengthening rupee against US Dollar and Pak Suzuki has reduced Mehran VXR’s price by 5,000 rupees; Cultus, Ravi and Bolan’s price has been cut by 10,000 rupees, while Swift’s price has been reduced by 20,000 rupees while Liana’s price by 100,000 rupees, probably because Pak Suzuki is shutting down Liana’s production due to lack in demand.

However, against the expectations of a similar trend of reduction of prices in motorcycles as well, Pak Suzuki baffled the motorcycle market by raising prices of motorcycles by 1,900 to 5,000 rupees, and also increased the retail commission on different bikes by 500 to 1,300 rupees.

The new prices of Suzuki GS 150 is 119,500 rupees, Euro-2, GD-110 imported is 109,900, Sprinter ECO is 88,400, Raider 96,400, and Sprinter ECO 83,400.

Dealers at Akbar Road, Karachi said that even the Chinese bike assemblers has kept prices of their motorcycles unchanged. The sources said that Toyota may have slashed prices of the current model of Corolla to clear out current inventory since the new model will be out soon.

There was a change in duty by FBR on heavy bikes with more than 250cc, the change in duty can be read in the FBR ruling attached below, however, no change in duty of motorcycles below 250cc was reported, but Chinese assemblers said that they kept prices unchanged due to uncertainty in demand.

In the past two months, Pakistan rupee rose by eight percent against US Dollar but car prices were decreased by just three percent.

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