Pak Suzuki wins as a Top Brand at 8th PAS Awards

Speaking about the creativity and out of the box ideas, PAS Awards (Pakistan Advertisers Society) is the only platform that acknowledges and encourages creativity. And this time too, the event was a grand affair, where top-notch brands were competing against each other.

At the celebration of 8th PAS Awards in Karachi, Pak Suzuki has won an award in the category of Top Brands. Competing against the big giants like HBL and Coca-Cola, Pak Suzuki feels great pride in achieving a Top Brand Award 2018.

Staying true to its tagline – Way of Life, Pak Suzuki took a significant shift in the year 2017 and launched models that were beyond words. From being a day-to-day working-class brand, Suzuki made a long jump and gave its customers a luxurious driving experience.

The category of Top Brand was about how the brands have transformed from the previous year. And with six major launches in the calendar year, the sales of Suzuki hiked in 2017 and till now.

Apart from this, Pak Suzuki was also nominated in the Automotive and Transport category, showcasing Vitara, Suzuki Exchange, and the new Cultus.