Will bikers be allowed to travel through the motorway?

PakWheels.com reported on March 15th, 2018, that bikers might get a green signal from Islamabad High Court to travel through the motorway. And now it seems that bikers, at last, have been given a go ahead in this regard. A “document” with the court’s stamp pressed on it has been circulating on social media platforms, which states that bikers under certain rules can drive their bikes on the motorways. According to the unconfirmed sources, the document is the order given by Islamabad High Court. However, we searched through the official website of Islamabad High Court but couldn’t find any such document.

It is to be noted here that the biker’s community was in the court against National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) to let them travel on the motorway. The court, after hearing both the parties, reserved the judgment. And now, as mentioned above according to the unconfirmed sources, the judgment has been announced in favor of the bikers’ community.  The whole biker’s community is excited about this great victory. 

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We contacted the Motorway Authorities, and they asserted that they haven’t received any kind of order as yet and could only give their official stance once they have received the court’s order.

According to the document, which has been circulating as the court’s order issued on 24-4-2018, bikers need to fully abide by the conditions as written below:

  • No rider below the age of 30 years will be allowed to ride a motorbike on the Motorway.
  • Motorbike riding will be allowed during the light hours only.
  • Visible reflectors should be displayed at the back of a motorcycle.
  • The motorcycle will carry a single rider.
  • Only motorcycles above 600cc category engine displacement will be allowed on the motorway.
  • Motorbike should bear a valid number plate.
  • Rider must have a valid driving license.
  • Proper safety gear according to international standards.
  • The maximum speed limit will be 100 km/h.

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Attached below are the images which have been circulating on social sites:


If this is rumor then it would be a sad news for the biker’s community, as they have been expecting to win this case and to drive on motorways like in any other country; however, on the other hand, if the news gets confirmed, then allowing only the 600cc or above bikes on the motorway, and banning the bikes below 600cc to travel through motorway is a discrimination; authorities should reconsider this limit.

We wish biker’s community all the best and also hope that after the ban gets uplifted, the bikers abide by the rules and regulations for their safety and for the safety of others.  

That’s it from our side, stay tuned for the latest updates.

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