Is United Bravo a replacement of Suzuki Mehran?

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United Autos is all geared up to launch its 800cc hatchback namely Bravo soon to give a competition to Suzuki Mehran, which for the past three decades has enjoyed leading in 800cc segment category. According to Mr. Afzal General Manager sales and marketing United Autos, the car is equipped with much features, which the locally produced hatchback lacks.

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Two days back pictures of Bravo were leaked, and it showed that the car is equipped with features like rear parking camera, seat-belt warning indicator, power windows, touchscreen infotainment system, RPM and speedometer dials and digital information cluster and wooden interior, etc.

People have been debating whether it would be able to compete with Mehran or not. Cars like Daihatsu Cuore and Santro were launched back in the days to compete with Suzuki Mehran; however, both the cars were discontinued due to various reasons and still the Mehran aka “The Boss” is going strong. Many times news emerged regarding the discontinuation of Mehran, but it is still in the market and has been a top seller hatchback for many years now.

Below is the specification list of both the cars:

suzuki mehran vs united bravo

Mehran VXR is priced at PKR 762,000, whereas the United Bravo is rumored to be priced between PKR 6 to 7 lakh.

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  1. Guest says

    Looks okay. But the question is, how good will it be in the longer run?

  2. Rizwan says

    Since when mehran started having immobilizer key..

  3. Rana Faisal Iqbal says

    Excellent and it is the need of middle class in this affordable price with all required features but it should launch as soon as possible. Thanks Pakwheels

  4. smalee says

    Customer support, Price , fuel efficiency, build quality, Parts availability and durability will actually compel people to buy. initially people can buy due to less price but after sales services are very important. Similarly other than Mehran, imported 660 cc are also main competitors.
    Automatic transmission is now a necessity not a luxury. Imported cars are equipped with 660 cc engine with CVT transmission.

    They need to learn from REVO case, people can buy due to low price, but in the long run it will be difficult to remain in the market.

    Overall good effort and a good news for our people new company with new features.

  5. Guest says

    Since 2016, i think.

  6. Asif Hussain says

    Excellent … Please guide either its booking has started or not…?

  7. Zubair Uddin says

    I wish new cars will come and people will buy them so the monopoly of these few suckers will break and once and for all cars will get cheaper so Pakistani people will get the chance to provide some comfort to their families, very important thing is after sales services and availability of parts. these up coming companies must introduce their own showrooms with service centers in every city they are planning to launch their products so people will trust and will not hesitate to invest.

  8. Nasar Ullah Khan says

    I have checked internet for engine unit but there is no such unit available or present. Kindly check the info in engine section or share the related link as well.

  9. Muhammad Abdul Qadoos says

    when, where and how to buy

  10. Mohammad Khalid says

    This car can only survive if priced between 3 to 4 lacks. Otherwise it will totally fail.

  11. Imran says

    On 1st April 2017, booking for mehran immobilizer started.

  12. Yaldram says

    We have shit like Mehran in market since decades in this price tag. If the price tag will be the same as shitty mehran then why we will buy this new arrival??? It would be completely failed item if the company do not lower its price tag half of the shitty mehran price tag.

  13. Muhammad Yasir says

    better than mehran !

  14. Muhammad Yasir says

    upvoted you for suggesting AUTO transmission !

  15. Muhammad Yasir says

    ok…. i appreciate all this effort from United. It could turn out to be a brilliant ploy in ousting mehran once and for all !

    but for all their hard work and ingenious design and offering … where’s the Automatic transmission ?

    they NEED to beat mehran by dealing it a death blow ! A car that is easier to drive (no offense to manual enthusiasts) is definitely going to triumph over this shitty mehran and ensure the final nail in the coffin for that abominable car !

    Come on united, you have competition from all fronts, even imported hatchbacks. And they have Auto Transmission.

    I hope, at the very least, that the luxury edition is equipped with an Automatic Transmission option !

  16. CaR M0nitor says

    i believe people should buy it coz it has a better suspension so will not cause you backaches, and the seats should be better, should come equipped with AC, if this thing could lower my pains while travelling in mehran than surely i will buy this and i have 4 people convinced to buy this thing instead of mehran, dont know about you people but i care more about my drive comfort which is none in mehran,,,, shame on you suzuki wont ever buy your crappy local made vehicles ever….

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