Pakistan To Get Euro 5 Petrol as PSO Starts Its Import

1 20,821

The current government has laid a lot of emphasis on the need to curb pollution from Pakistan. One of the ways to achieve this goal is to burn cleaner fuels in cars and other vehicles. Recently, Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has started importing Euro 5 petrol which is a much cleaner alternative to the current offering. PSO will import Euro 5 petrol from the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation at first to check its commercial viability in Pakistan. Moreover, the Petroleum Division has intimated OMCs to import petrol that conforms to the standards of Euro 5. They have to conform to this rule by the end of 2020 for petrol and early 2021 for diesel.

Pakistan depends on Kuwait for importing petroleum products in the country. The local refineries are unable to meet the growing demand. Pakistan also gets petrol and diesel on deferred payment from Kuwait. Both the PSO and the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation are state-run companies. Pakistan already has agreements to import Euro 2 petrol and diesel till the end of 2020. If PSO is able to successfully import and sell Euro 5 petrol in Pakistan, then it will put the country ahead of a lot of nations across the globe in terms of adopting cleaner fuels.

We have seen over the years that the inferior quality of fuel in Pakistan not only causes pollution but also causes problems for vehicles that burn it. The Prime Minister also indicated last year that Pakistan will start using a better grade of fuel in the near future. Inferior quality fuel also clogs up catalytic converters in cars. Currently, Euro 6 is the most refined and highest quality fuel available in the world. Seeing this, Euro 5 grade fuel is a huge step in the right direction for Pakistan.

During cold weather, major urban areas in Pakistan face intense smog and air pollution. This smog also decreases visibility on highways besides causing several health problems. Pollution arising from traffic on roads contributes to a great extent to the overall air pollution in the country. Curbing pollution through making available better quality fuel will be beneficial for everyone.

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