Pakistani customs may have no idea on how to clear all-electric cars

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When talking with RJ Wes Malik the other day, who is quite a automotive enthusiast himself, he gave us an idea or rather an idea to the whole of Pakistan. Why do we bother paying in multiple of millions to Mercedes S Class or the BMW 7 Series when we can get Tesla Model S on zero percent duty since it is an electric only car with no engine, and electric/hybrid vehicles below 1201cc are 100 percent exempted from duty and sales tax.

It is a rather great thought and even better a car with speeds that have proven to be as fast as some of the fastest internal combustion saloons, and with the hybrid scheme in the country, we’re wondering why hasn’t anyone got the Tesla Model S instead of the German saloons?

It may have have something to do with our customs we think.

Tesla Model S P85D is a staggeringly fast car, it has the electric torque which gets you off the line faster than internal combustion torque. It’s something we don’t much understand either but Tesla doesn’t even sells its cars through the conventional dealer model rather through a boutique. They have shops like your Apple Stores, you go to them, configure your car and it is delivered to you.

The reason why Tesla doesn’t need a dealership model is because the car doesn’t need maintenance like a petrol car or diesel car would require and most of the updates arrive through the internet. Just like you phone and apps on the phone receive their updates. We still wonder how the Tesla would service in case a mechanical fault arrive but there are plenty of cars in Pakistan (Ferrari 599) which don’t have the manufacturer’s support presence in Pakistan but better yet, they work fine here. Some of them are often spotted at Porsche, BMW or Mercedes dealership for maintenance.

The range is quite impressive as well, the Model S 85 will do 265 miles (426 kms), the Model S P85D has 691 HP motors (a 470 HP one for the rear and 221 HP for the front) while the range is 253 miles/ 407 kms which is pretty much more than you need for city purposes and even when you’re traveling between Lahore-Islamabad, it is good enough.

And since the duty was waived off from Hybrid/Electric vehicles, the 100,000 US $ vehicle cost you as much as you pay to Tesla and that’s it. So a Camry today is for 1 crore 10 lacs. So why not this instead? And get rid of all the worries of petrol woes as well.

However, you may not be able to import a Tesla Model S, in fact, not any electric vehicles in Pakistan. We have learned that an importer brought in full electric Nissan Leaf in Pakistan and the customs department didn’t know how to clear them. The Nissan Leaf are still stranded on the Karachi port and the demurrage charges have accumulated so much that it isn’t viable anymore.


The importer, we’re pretty sure must have gone for the electric car in view of the hybrid scheme which waived all duty and taxes of vehicles which had engines smaller than 1201cc but little did he know, that Pakistani customs have no idea on how to clear an electric car.

Even our attempts before writing this article were in vain when we tried to get an official stance on the import of Tesla Model S. The customs department is still blank on this…

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  1. hadis1 says

    Damn! thats a beauty! Only if Pakistan was a developed country to have its own beauties but no, we are apy with the cars made out of recycled tin.

  2. Saad Khan says

    the only question i have is how the hell would u charge this thing as there are no charging points for [all electric] cars and neither there is sufficient electricity at home to charge it up b’coz of power shortages……??? answer plz

  3. Yousuf Ali says

    That’s not a huge problem, with the wall charger that you can buy and get installed at your home it will take about 4-5 hours to charge to the maximum. Meaning you can charge it will you are asleep, and it will be fully charged when you wake up. It’s unlikely that you’ll be driving more than 400 km in the city, so most of the time you will be fine.

  4. rashid says

    I assure you customs are very busy developing a new scheme to make it utterly expensive and difficult to import EVs and Hybrids so that most of us don’t even think of importing it.

    They don’t care how much clean it is for the environment, it should fill their pockets to the brim and that’s it.

    I wonder why Pakistanis don’t give a shit about each other or even the country. After all these government employees are human and Pakistanis?

  5. whocares says

    Pakistan government is big load of bullshit. What is this 5 years import restriction and huge amount of insane custom duty !!! FOR WHAT ? Not a single road in this hell shit hole Porkistan motherfucking state is drivable. How the fuck is this stupid government even created in the first place. Nepotistic seats reserved for the elite and their families… PAkistan has become a miserable place ruined by these government corrupt pigs and fools dickheads… where the fuck are the reforms … theres no computer record of things how the fuck is Pakistan the waste land going to become normal livable place again??? It luks like it are the times of Abu Jahals koom in Pakistan. Look at the people and their lifestyles…. Just go and fucking educate yourselves first fucking idiot nation of dickheads and morons and ballmouthed stupid country Pakistan. Its a good country but ruined by big level assholes. Look at the normal necessaties of life. Theres NO WATER<GAS<ELECTRICITY<PETROL and nothing cheap you gonna get. WHATS NEXT FUCKING FOOD ? We should rather buy DONKEY CARTS and NAME ourselves MORONS OF THE HIGHEST ORDER LIVING IN HEREDITARY MONARCHY OF ABU JAHAL AND HIS FAMILY.

  6. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    so u’re “fucking educated” eh? stop bullshitting like u’re from mars. we all are responsible for this including u, ur family, friends, me, every Pakistani who lets out his frustration through improper channels(like commenting here). instead of doing something practical. (either to get out of this hellhole or try to make it worth living for generations to come, because I don’t see it getting up to ur(mine) standards with our time left in this world). PEACE

  7. wasted youth says

    100000000000 % right.

  8. wasted youth says

    By practical you surly mean bribing govt to get job and then doing corruption to sustain and become a dog. You must be one heck of an idealistic buffoon who keeps on day dreaming about Pak being a paradise but keep on getting slapped right in face by the govt in the form of unemployment, power crisis, poverty, corruption, terrorism, illiteracy and the list goes on…. Keep in mind that Pak ceased to exist the day M.A.Jinnah was killed and you so called Shaheed-e-Millat sold Pak to US of A. Weak up before you go up in vain. This is a hard fact which illiterate people like you are not accepting. Now you are most welcome to bark on my comment by being an idealistic bull shit.

  9. Muhammad Younus says

    agree with wasted youth…but it is difficult to face the truth

  10. Nurlan Irkenivich says

    100% truth u are great guy salute to u

  11. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    that might be Ur definition of practicality. u read a book? u can’t even read my comment and comprehend it properly. did I say Pakistan is a paradise, nope. did I say its ideal nope. I called it a hellhole that I don’t see getting better withing my life. but i ain’t a pussy like u to blame everyone except myself. EVERYONE including you is responsible for whatev it is today. so stop whining like a bitch.

  12. wasted youth says

    As expected an idealistic big mouthed with a pure pathetically idealistic approached bull dog barking on my comment without knowledge of bloody bull shit political scenario and economic capitalization, using very tense words to show yourself an educated little puppy. So, you are still a student unaware of practical life. Either you belong to those bastard political high ups who don’t need to worry for their future and just bark: “you are responsible for what ever it is today”, or you are just a senseless crap. Again you are most welcome to bark on my reply. Keep it up.

  13. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    keep repeating, u still don’t get it. ur mama ain’t raised u right. not the way i treated her.

  14. wasted youth says

    Hahahahahahah. That is what I was talking about. You foul mouthed bull shit bunch of crap “Pakistanis”. When you people have nothing to say as you don’t know anything then you crap start showing your real self i.e Authentic ass holes and a huge burden on the face of earth. Alas…!! this crap bunch of idiots are still be found with the name of Pakistanis…. As usual you can Bark your real self out…. Come on show the world what a pure breed of looser you are…

  15. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    any “sane” person can “read” who was “barking”. lol

  16. Hassnain Raziq says

    it’s simple…calculate the bhp of and engine…and do the same thing with electric motor in electric car…compare them and see in which category that electric car comes…just hy comparing BHP(BREAK HORSEPOWER

  17. Moonbaby says

    This is the kind of stuff that we should be marching on the streets for. In 2008, Chinese bought 21 million e-bikes, compared with 9.4 million
    autos. China (2009) had about 25 million cars on the road, it had four
    times as many e-bikes.

    These things serve the common man but only a few of us actually think there is any hope.

  18. Moonbaby says

    Petrol will be saved by using these electric cars. This Petrol can be used to make electricity for the power grid. In the end, it WILL save energy for the country regardless.

  19. Shahzaib Rehman says

    I was watching this dream. Driving a full black Tesla Model S in the streets of Islamabad full electric mahol no tension of petrol and then all of a sudden Your comment just brought my high flying imaginations from Tesla Model S to Suzuki Mehran 😀
    I am gonna cry 🙁 :'(

  20. Imran says

    So any update news about Customs to import Electric cars?

  21. Sufyan Ahmed says

    What about the electric bills u get by charging ur car at home?
    Any electric car Chevrolet Bolt for instance?

  22. Worldlover says

    Pakistani people sucks donkey balls… Thr most corrupt officials they choose even their supreme.leader is worlda most corrupt person

  23. Jonny Krause says

    I’m interested in knowing if there are electric vehicles in Pakistan used for carrying cargo? It would be great to replace the working horses and donkeys with electric vehicles so that their suffering is brought to an end.

  24. Muhammad Usman says

    No, not any sort of electric vehicles here yet. In Pakistan a vast majority is still using animals to transport cargo as this is all they can afford. But those who can spend a little bit money are not provided with much options and they end up buying a Pickup with a 796cc Petrol Engine (Suzuki Ravi) which is a total Junk and costs around $6200.

    Then there is another cheaper alternative known as a (Rickshaw) a light two-wheeled passenger vehicle costs $1500 to $2000 which is originally not built for carrying cargo but people are compelled to use it anyway for small to medium sized cargo. Most of these run two-stroke engines and are a major contributor to air and noise pollution.

    Now considering these factors, a good initiative has been taken by government of province KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) as they are planning to launch an electric mini-cab and electric loader. I am also attaching some photos of it.

    There is a complete article about this initiative on DAWN News website if you you want to find more details about it just search for “electric rickshaw in kpk” on google.

  25. Drarif Latif says

    what about converting your old cars like corolla, civic ,city, cultus and etc kits are available with complete guide n ev conversion of ur choice like range power n speed as per your wish different kits available on ebay n ali baba by name of ev west ev kit and homer ev kit its cheap n easy to convert and its best for within city daily use if we can go for dump cng installation we can get it converted to ev which is cheap n best as no oil n less maintainance good ev kit r available in china which is best and number one electric car producer in woklrd u can see byd eq300 and byd tang on yotube

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