Government seeks to ban production of 10 years old cars in new Auto Policy

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If Pak Suzuki was a man and I was sitting in front of him, I, absolutely, positively would have been rolling down on the floor laughing just enough to choke and die from it. But I want to be merciful, a kind human being and I would want the government to give Pak Suzuki just enough time to be able to develop and introduce new cars and then bring down the fistful of fury with the ban on production of 10 years old cars, something that we also want to see enforced otherwise, we’ll keep on buying the Mehran in 2030.

The draft of the upcoming auto policy gave a new much appreciated, probably people’s award winning clause which proposes a ban on manufacturing of more than 10-year old models. Which means: Mehran, Cultus, Bolan, Carry and everything falls under the hammer.

Pakistan has to sacrifice innovation, R&D, Design, engineering and so much more by letting these old models continue. If government actually man’s up and sees this rule through, what would an automaker do next? Of course, decommission these models and begin working on its replacement thus, bringing some vital experience and technical skills.

There have been countless memes on Mehran, making fun of but when you don’t have a single car below the 1 million rupees range, what else would people buy? And Pak Suzuki believe Mehran still continue to flatter the customers.


Syed Nabeel Hashmi, ex-chairman of Pakistan Association of Auto Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (Paapam) however isn’t pleased with the auto policy draft shared by the Engineering Development Board (EDB) and says, “This flaw in the policy must be removed.”

But don’t get too happy to quickly, because Pakistan has been without an auto policy for 30 months and the new auto policy is expected to be approved within the next few weeks but we doubt that Pak Suzuki and the motorcycle assemblers (who are also producing the same Chinese two-wheeler with different stickers) would let this clause stick in the final draft of the auto policy.


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  1. Abdul Wahab says

    ALLAH kray k BAN ho jye ya

  2. Ahsan says

    Is the draft of Auto Policy available publicly? Can PakWheels share a link?

  3. A Pakistani says

    Our Government is Idiot! They have imposed a huge tax on the imported reconditioned cars otherwise no would need to buy mehran or any other smaller car.
    Government should reduce the tax on the imported cars so that people should prefer those good looking cars instead of buying that mehran.

  4. Omar says

    It really took some effort to read this. Can’t Pakwheels afford good writers or hire an editor who can proofread before publishing these articles?

  5. Bilal Saeed says

    We know mehran is old shape as today but problem is that a person who are getting normal salary or income can afford low economical car. those who are thinking to take action say them take responsibility to get price down of other car Japanese cars are not less than 7 8 10 lac why ? only the rich can afford ? and if Suzuki launch new car or what ever else do you think so new car will be economical in price. Honda city launched with 8 10 lac around and now its more than 15 lac.

  6. Mohammad Akmal Sadiq says

    my dear friend, you are right, but the thing is if they reshape the mehran with a new shape with having little more comfort, the price they are charging will only be worthy, any way this is ny opinion only

  7. akks says

    my friend with all respect, you clearly have no idea what you talk about, the reason good cars are expensive is because the pak suzuki, pak honda and pak toyota companies are having their monopoly. once the import duties are reduced no one will even buy these cars and droping the cost of these cars to half. also these altos/mehrans have carburetor engines having almost zero fuel economy. the efi engine provides 2-3 times more economy, they do cost more than the carburetor engines but you will have it covered within a year in your travel expenses.

  8. Raja Abrar Hussain says

    Something nine, this same shape of Mehran for years has given eyesore.. hope that we will be able to see a new mehran in few years :p

  9. riz says

    Go mehran Go… 😀

  10. Umer says

    I had around 7 lacs and wanted to buy a car. Absolutely was bot interested in any used car. I was left with only one option to buy mehran vxr. And i had to buy it. There is no other car at 6.8 lacs and zero meter with warranty.

  11. Saboor Ali says

    the taxes are imposed becoz of a some reason if the importing rate of increase and compared to exporting rate the economy will suffer BTW our government use the law for their own profit

  12. Old Mehran User says

    I go with current design…. New Mehran looks old but it is
    best in terms of cost for old Mehran users.

    Since there is no design change in new Mehran model, old Mehran
    users can get new parts easily and economically. 2014 Mehran parts can be used
    in 1989 Mehran.

    BUT if you have other old cars (civic, corolla or other
    models) getting parts for them is not easy. Btw new corolla headlights cost is around
    1Lac J
    you can get Mehran’s in around 1k J

    If you guys still think Mehran design should be changed.

    Select any car you like (e.g.
    Vitz) and start thinking Sukuzi changed Mehran design, cost and EVEN
    model name like Vitz J

    Its all mind game.

  13. Rao Asad Abdur Rehman says

    why dont you work on improving your comprehension skills ??

  14. Salman Ahmed says

    Did you have a chance to read the complete policy? There is no change in the import duty so the cost of the cars remain the same. Whats affects the costs is the 200% tax. and the new policy does not change it in any way.

  15. Adnan says

    Can one buy a new engine for Mehran from Pak. Suzuki ?

  16. Fatima Shah says

    Uh Omar apparently the person who wrote this is the ‘Content Head’..LMAO

  17. QASIM ASLAM says

    Should be implemented at the earliest. On the whole Pakistan Car industry is pathetic. They are selling such cars to the customers which have very less manufacturing cost.

    Lets see, how much Suzuki Mehran Costs actually; Engine for about 50,000 PKR or Maximum 75,000 PKR. And the body will cost about 100,000 PKR to 150,000 PKR max. For interior and tyres lets say maximum 100,000 PKR. Then why it is sold for more than 300,000 PKR. Its maximum price should be 350,000 PKR or 400,000 PKR if govt taxes are involved. Why 4 LAC Extra. This is Non Sense.

    And guess what, Mehran has no Airbags… LOL

    About Toyota or Honda, Engine is VVTI or DUAL VVTI, lets say it is maximum of 300,000 PKR or 400,000 PKR, even 500,000 PKR. About body, lets say 300,000 PKR max interior and tyres cost about 200,000 PKR. Why it is sold for more than 1,000,000 PKR. Even After Govt Taxes it should not be more than 1,100,000 PKR.
    and they come with only one air bag!!!! no side pillar air bags or passenger air bags. I would say these are 1800 CC lethal cars.

    And LOL at imported cars, i.e., HONDA ACCORD or TOYOTA CAMRY, they cost 8,000,000 PKR or more. WTH!!!

  18. Omer. says

    actually what you said is true i bought 2013 . euro ii and after 3 months my odo teeter was not working when i went to claim with my dealer they refused to claim the meter with saying off you have installed c.d player in the dash board that is why we cannot claim that as per their policy no one should play with the wires so meaning you can enjoy your comfortable and luxury drive in mehran till warranty ends LOLzzzzzzz :p and i was shocked to heard this when i ask them ok leave just check my cars back break light is having some fog inn side they opened it and said its repaired but my question was who the F**** did this cause since i bought i never hit anywhere so they win and i lose and i came back home by paying the amount for new speedo meter and new back break light. any ways best ov luck with your new mehran 😀 (Y)

  19. Muhammad Aamer says

    In my opinion government should force its policy to stop the manufacturing of 10 years old models, like Mehran, It is the worst model in Pakistan being produced for many years. No change in model has been made since 1989 & company is earning more than 100% profit on this car. It is enough and no more Mehran, Bolan & Ravi may be allowed with the same features.

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