No, Zotye is not an electric car launched in Pakistan?

Pakistan's first electric car company Topsun Motors

A piece of news that Topsun Motors has launched an electric car in Pakistan is making a lot of buzz in the local auto industry. So, before, getting into the story, let us clear one thing here and that is; No electric car has been launched by the company in the country as reported by many media outlets. It’s a piece of fake news being propagated by some media outlets.

See what Suneel Munj has to say on this issue:

Topsun Motors has indeed inaugurated its showroom in Jail Road Lahore on 3rd January 2020, from where the company in the future will ship electric vehicles.

Zyote Z100 Inauguration

The Provincial Minister of Punjab for housing, urban development and public health engineering, Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed has inaugurated the showroom.

The Minister applauded the efforts of its neighboring country in helping Pakistan move forward in terms of technological advancement. He also added that it will also help the country in strengthening its terms with China. Moreover, Chinese companies are taking a keen interest in investment plans in Pakistan.

On this inauguration event, 4 models that include a hatchback and three models of JMC were introduced.

  • Zotye Z100 PKR 1,490,000/-
  • JMC Single Cabin PKR 2,950,000/-
  • JMC Double Cabin PKR 3,950,000/-
  • JMC Vigus 2.4-litre PKR 5,015,000/-

Have a look at the exclusive pictures of Zotye Z100 which is available in four different colors:

Zyote Z100 Pakistan's first electric car Exterior

Zyote Z100 Pakistan's first electric car Interior

It is worth mentioning here that these vehicles are engine-based and the above-mentioned prices are inclusive of withholding tax. Moreover, the company is waiting for the electric vehicle policy to be implemented by the government and then the electric version will arrive. The electric version of Zotye Z100 will be the same as the engine-based model with a slight change in its shape and will be priced approximately PKR 1.9-2 million. The electric version Zotye Z100 Plus is already available in the international market.

The current model of Zotye Z100 is based on 1000cc engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. The company will also bring the automatic version of Z100 in the second phase. Note here that these models are completely built units (CBU) imported by the company. The hatchback falls in the category of Suzuki Wagon R and Cultus. Its other competitors in the local sector will be FAW V2 and KIA Picanto. However, it’s priced less than any of these existing models in the market.

See the complete specs and features below:

On the other hand, JMC Vigus 4×4 is based on a 2.4-liter engine twin-power charger and will compete directly with Toyota Revo and Isuzu D-Max in the local market.

JMC Vigus 4×4 Exterior  JMC Vigus 4×4 Interior

Previously, the Zotye Z100 was introduced by HRL Motors in Pakistan in 2017 with a price tag of PKR1, 172,000.  At first, glance, if you think that the Zotye Z100 looks incredibly similar to the seventh generation Suzuki Alto then you’d be right because the Zotye Z100 is actually based on the underpinnings of the 7th gen Alto.

Furthermore, it is imperative to mention here that the car debuted during the 2012 Shanghai Auto Show, and was launched in the Chinese market in September 2013. The Z100 is no longer available for sale as of now, as the company had replaced it with the electric version called the Z100 EV in October 2014.

Furthermore, after 3 years, the company introduced the facelift for the electric Z100 named as Z100 Plus. Z100 Plus will be launched by Topsun in the coming months.

The cabinet had recently given formal approval for the first National Electric Vehicle Policy (NECP) of Pakistan. As a part of the PM’s mission, Pakistan aims to reduce the carbon footprint in the atmosphere by bringing electric cars in the country. In the initial phase, 30% of the cars in the country are aimed to be shifted to electric by the year 2030. According to the Adviser to the PM on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam, the country will save $2 billion in the annual oil import bill by converting to electric cars in the future. Moreover, the adverse effects of emissions from combustion engine vehicles will also be reduced by shifting to electric mobility. Pakistan currently stands at an alarming position on the global air index rankings. The air quality, particularly in the urban areas, has gone so worse due to the ever-increasing emissions from automobiles and industries. Therefore, the government aims to shift to electric mobility and in the first phase, motorbikes and 3-wheelers will be shifted to batteries.

On the other hand, the existing auto manufacturers in the country have already opposed the electric vehicle policy as they believe that it will directly affect the existing automakers in the country. However, the government has ensured that all the stakeholders in this regard will be taken into confidence and the electric vehicle policy will go ahead despite any opposition.

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    What’s electric about this company? The showroom lights and air conditioners?

    This article is a joke.

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    I am sure its not the only company waiting for electric car policy from govt.

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    Read the article first, they didn’t launch electric yet, these are engine based cars

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    A year back they were going to launch this shit in 8.50 lacs & now launching almost in double price. Look at car design & it’s pricing. Lolz
    Should boycott these shits.

  • Tahir

    Why do they call it electric car company when none of the cars are electric? Besides Zotye Z100 is more than a decade old technology, it was launched first in India in 2008 as Suzuki Astar and in UK in 2009 as Suzuki Alto and now they are launching it in Pakistan in 2020 without much changes. Atleast the prices are reasonable compared to WagonR and Kia Picanto both which have already been retired from international markets and are decade old platforms too. Zotye Z100 seems to be better alternate to suzuki wagonR but why does everyone launches decade old cars in Pakistan?

  • Iqbal Muhammad

    Just look at the people in that event, the way they’re dressed, and their appearance, and you have your answer about what kind of operation this will be. As for the cars, I bet I can destroy those pieces of shite with a gentle flick of my fingers. But hey, I bet the electric versions will have enough range to go to your society’s corner store and back before you have to recharge for the night.

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    Because our industrialist are corrupt to the core.

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    If in future you guys plan to publish stories about electric cars, include the following information for the readers, as it will help you (the blogger) do some research as well.

    1) Price of car (already included)
    2) Range of car (not included)
    3) Charging type/s (not included)
    4) Charging times for different types (not included)
    5) App included to control charging (not included)

    6) Charging network in the city where it will be launched (not included)
    7) Car repair workshop network in the city/country (not included)

    8) Cost/ease of spare parts (not included)
    9) Any update features over the air like Tesla (the strongest point they have over others)
    10) Ground clearance (very important for Pakistan, no point in getting an electric car if you will bash the battery on every speed bump on the road)

    Those are the basic questions, there are lots more, but any buyer would be interested. If the information is not available, just list it as not released yet.

    Also the EV policy has not be cleared up, as to exactly what got passed and the rules&regulations that pertain to it. The previous article did a horrible job at it.