Pakistan’s first Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4!

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It had been quite a while since the last hyper car entered Pakistani territory. This year started out with a bang for the automotive enthusiasts in Pakistan in the first week of February, the Pasban Group of Faisalabad imported one of the most advanced and fastest hyper cars in the international automotive industry today. The Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, Lamborghini’s lastest flagship model in over a decade.


There were many rumours at first, some thought it cannot be possible. The duty and taxes of the customs department will cost way too much and the most common sentence one would say, ‘where will it be driven?’. Well, it’s officially here and it’s on the roads.

This behemoth of car is the fastest Lamborghini has ever made. The monocoque comprises almost completely out of carbon fibre which makes it both lightweight and very tough at the same time. It is powered by a hand-built 6.5L V12 engine which is paired to a single-clutch 7-speed semi-automatic gearbox. The numbers are surreal for a naturally aspirated hypercar, it chucks out 700 horsepower and 510-Ibft of torque. 0-60MPH time is a cool 2.9 seconds, quarter mile time is 10.3 seconds at 135MPH and top speed is 217MPH (350km/h).


Some other features of this behemoth include, both front and rear mono tube dampers with push-rod suspension. HUGE, 15.7” rotors in the front and 14.9” rotors in the rear which makes this 1500 KG bull come to a 60-0 MPH stop within 100 feet. The drive train is controlled by an all-electronic all-wheel drive system developed and supplied by a Swedish company known as Haldex Traction.

The owner, who also owns Pakistan’s only Ferrari F430 and a numerous collection of other not-so-average vehicles is a car enthusiast with a very good taste in cars as you see for yourself.


The arrival of previous exotics such as the Gallardo spyder, Ferrari 599’s, Audi R8’sMaserati’s and now the Aventador in Pakistan have certainly motivated a lot of people into the exotic car scene here.

More imports of exotics in Pakistan can certainly set a milestone for the country’s automotive field in the years to come. Which can then set different types of communities, clubs, automotive events etc. Who knows, maybe even an international raceway perhaps? Guess, we’ll have to wait and see.

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  1. Shoaib Tauseef says

    Hope you will Convince the owner to bring that car into Lahore Auto show. It will be a huge Success of your Show.

  2. Åwesome Åli says

    Ghantaa ayega

  3. Shoaib Tauseef says

    Bht hae Ghnty mae dekh len ge … =P

  4. Salman Saleem says


  5. Hassib Faridi says

    So how much were the duties and other taxes imposed on it? I know the car itself is around 380,000 USD..

  6. Shoaib Tauseef says

    204.50% Custom Duty Imposed.

  7. MI Butt says

    Lamborghini on lahore roads. looking forward to see one here…

  8. Yousaf Khan says

    Pasban Group roxx.

  9. Hassib Faridi says

    so 120 million PKR.. hmmm i hope it was earned via Halal means 😉 but it's good to see exotics in Pakistan..

  10. Faisal Jdm says

    Mazaq na karo yaar 120 million pkr just think before you write jo banda yes gari import kar sakta ha oss ki pohonch kaha tak ho gi app ko kia lagta ha k itna honest ho ga k duty pay karey ga, hahahah I don't belive it gari pakistan main agai bohot acha ha, but duty paid impossible.

  11. Afaq Ahmad says

    it is of 13 crore in pakistan

  12. Afaq Ahmad says

    pasband group has been helping a poor poeple and give funds to school.And they do much more good things to poor poeple.So u should not say any kind of bad thing to them

  13. Saud Gora says

    we shouldnt judge someone else's money as halal or haram untill we're not sure about it!why we look a person making big amounts of money as he's not doing it the halal way?

  14. Saud Gora says

    and he's a namazi also!(i know thats not enough to prove him honest,but it is a big reason not to consider him dishonest)why be suspicious abt someone we dont even know!

  15. Hassib Faridi says

    I did say "I hope".. i didn't declare it being Haram OR Halal..

  16. Nabeel Misanthrope says

    Tinnu, Being a namazi has nothing to do with goodness. Good deeds like helping and feeding people in need make one a good person.

  17. Bilal Naeem says

    yup namazi hone se kuch nai hota … me ne bi aik dafa aese hi aik MECHANIC pe bharosa kar liya tha .. 5 waqt ka namazi tha masjid me .. mujhe 40 K rupees ka choona laga gaya

  18. Hassan Fayyaz says

    Naseem sab Stupid comments about being namazi or not , aap log namaz ko mazaq samjhty ho…namaz nhe tu musalman nhe ,, aur agr aap ko us namazi mechenic na chona lgaya tu aap na b kbi kisi ko chona lgaya ho ga..maqafaat-e amal..aur jahan tk us mechenic ki baat hay tu agr is beymani main us ki badneeyati shamil hay tu us ki namaz..namaz hi nhe!

  19. Eyzaa Wye says

    its so unfortunate to add so many topics in the discussion that has nothing to do with the car. PPl u all r crazyyyyyyyyyyyy

  20. Pakistani Modified Cars says

    Pasban group are big time cheaters and international criminals…they can't go to uk or usa cuz they are afraid they'll have to appear in court…
    they run a website and sell past papers of microsoft and qualifications which they acquired illegally from their institute (where they offered these test papers) and now they outsource from an international "network" of institutes…and that is their main source of income…
    so it is haram, I have verified it. go to the pw thread where a couple of members have posted all the evidence as well…

  21. Shona Munda says

    …… PASBAN GROUP…..

  22. Fawaz Ahmad says

    yaar 3.75 cror ki ha pasban mill walon ki gar ha faisalabad ki not a big deal next month u all will b shocked inshallah.

  23. Fawaz Ahmad says

    boss 3.75 cror ki ha yes 12 cror janey du yaar isska baap aa raha ha next month inshallah u all see.

  24. Mohsin Ali says

    koun araha hae Fawaz next month? Bugatti ?

  25. Mohsin Ali says

    Faisalabadi le gaya number. Lahoriyo its time to get Buggati.

  26. RAuf YOusuf says


  27. Abdullah Mughal says

    i see it in real

  28. Soh Aib says

    its cost is 8 crore

  29. Muhammad Farooq says

    Is gari k

  30. Muhammad Farooq says

    Is gari ki price 83056730 hain

  31. Mehfooz Mackie says

    sahii 😀

  32. Mehfooz Mackie says

    Lahore main b rull rhi hain :v

  33. Ahmed AdDie says

    karachi got 5 😛

  34. Momin Agha says

    wasaa duty kitni ho gii iss kiii

  35. Ameer Hamza says

    islamabaf me b ya car phla sa majd ha

  36. Muhammad Ateeq Khaliq says

    It is already available in Shooba Bazaar Peshawar in pieces and this is
    brought to Pakistan on donkeys and mules back.

  37. Ch Umer Iqbal Araien says

    kya price ho ge is ki friends?

  38. AriSh Khan says

    Yar kuch b ho or kahin b ho ya car ha to pakistan men hman proud hona chahia os bnda pa jo ya laya ha …….. And guyz dont jelous Bas tori c mhnat ki zrort ha God Giverps You better than this………… _:-)

  39. Shakaib says

    80000000+ only 😀

  40. Faizi Fazal says

    bekar hai is main CNG kamyab nahi

  41. Muhammad Arslan says


  42. Abubaker Hanif says


  43. Lovely Gujjar says

    Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport

  44. Abubakr Khan says

    What was the price?The eventual one after the import…..please!

  45. Survesh Sharma says

    90 Lamborghini have been sold to India till date.

  46. Survesh Sharma says

    Its insane. Price of this is 4.7 crores in India and 8 crores in Pakistan. Why it is so???

  47. Survesh Sharma says

    There is no need of such cars in Pakistan. Its wastage of money coz cost is entirely double of India.

  48. NicholeCloe says

    damn such like sick bastard comments about for what for nothing just the waste of time have a look on fucking sharma he pretending to show his fucking cunt country that they well wealthy come send you indian black pussy sister to suck my dick for 5 years i will pay you that much money mother fucker indians

  49. webbuilderify says

    1 inr = 1.9 pkr
    Thats why 🙂

  50. Justin says

    How much the car price I want to buy the Lamborghini

  51. Justin says

    In Pakistan I like the car. looking pretty cool

  52. Justin says


  53. Justin says

    I think all people sleeping

  54. X Auto says

    Not a Hypercar it’s a SuperCar,,, Hypercars are over 1000 hp ! 😛

  55. hamza malik says

    Kiya yeh rent pay mil skti hy

  56. G.fareed Khan says

    bhai ya hai kitnay ki ya to batao

  57. Uzair Aamir says

    ahm yeh 2crr something bn jati hai nd jb port freee ho jay hmari to lyni hui to UAE sy mangwa lo pakistan k mukable
    kafi sasti mil jay gi

  58. hani jan says

    @uzairaamir:disqus bahi yeh car Pak mn after Import duty 10cror+ ha or abi 2017 model 15cror plus coz custom 215% ha… or UAE mn cars left hand ha is liy pak mn us ka koi faida nai

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