Certified Car Mela concludes in Lahore

Car mela organized the first ever Certified Used Car Mela in Lahore on 7th October 2018, at Packages Mall Parking.

The footfall at the event was 15000, which included the women buyers as well. There were more than 150 certified cars, out of which, 30% of the used cars were sold through this car mela. Overall, people had a great experience and they appreciated this initiative taken by As per one of the buyers,

“This event is a great opportunity to buy a used car without having a fear of hidden faults. should arrange it every month for at least 2-3 days.”

PW Car mela 1

PW car mela 2

PW car mela 3

PW Car mela 4

PW car mela 5

pakwheels car mela (8)

pakwheels car mela (7) Certified Used Car Mela was one of its kind mela, where hundreds of certified cars including SUVs, Sedans, Hatchbacks, and Kei Cars were present under a unified platform and people had the ease to interact with the dealers and find the cars that were absolutely non-accidental, verified, and test-driven. Moreover, is the only platform, which offers cars with 30 days or 1000kms warranty.

Moreover, Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. (JMC), a key automaker in China automotive industry with the commercial vehicles as its core competitiveness, introduced its range of Vigus 4×2 and 4×4 for the first time in the car mela and more than 200+ test rides were given to the attendees.



The event was sponsored by JMC, Benelli, Gobis Paints, itecknologi, and Dubai Islamic Bank and our media partners were Samaa FM 107, Urdu Point, and Pakistan Today.

This was the first car mela organized by in Lahore, and soon the company will be organizing Certified Used Car Mela in Karachi and Islamabad.

Here’s how certifies a car:

Let’s hear from the buyers:


Notable Replies

  1. Plz do this Mela hurry in karachi as soon as possible

  2. Nice cars!. Especially the CH-R in pic#2/ There are so many nice cars in pak, why people complaining ?. There has to be a catch. I would like to hear views from buyers too.

  3. NASRUM says:

    i was there & it was not good Used car means it should be cheaper. What customers had in mind a quality with less price. It felt Pakwheels invited all the car dealers to sell the car at their own wished price.
    Also there was no guarantee of meter reverse sunil sahb himself said at around 6pm that meter reverse cant be confirmed idea is given with pakwheels certification when people came to him & were asking queries also he said there is no warranty of clutch plate or anything like this except for the japanese which were fresh import with verifiable auction(so japanese there did'nt have meter problem) so Paksitani cars there were just selling on idea base whatever the meter was pakwheels had given the certification, i can say that with example there was a 2010 corolla which had a terrible interior all plastic shine was ripped totally terrible condition interior dashboard paint bhi ukhra hua tha bas upar boht zyada interior spray mara hua tha with smell i can tell there was & by condition it was'nt saying its 30k driven I had a friend of mine whose corolla 2010 same model had his car at 250k & his car interior was much better condition what car I saw there this can't be possible for so less used car the to have so poor condition interior
    Keeping this aside all of the cars were soo highly priced it was just in other words dealers mela & 30 days warranty is a good effort but 30 days warranty for car is nothing since probably they're charging premium for that which were up for sale , before people come at me & say'aray yar ap jese log ki wjah se tabdeeli nahi ho paati acha effort kr rha appreciate kro' i am not against this mela but 90% of cars were of dealers so what was so special about it & secondly they've not made clear about terms & conditions of there warranty for example if any problem occurs where will that issue be fixed by there desired team(pakwheel) or buyer desired team so it needs alot of improvements & there should be more of genuine car sellers then of dealers mela & it should happen more frequently & more days should be given instead of just one day.

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