Pakwheels’ conclude the largest auto show in the history of Pakistan

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On past Sunday, our little community of auto enthusiasts organized the largest auto show in our country’s history to give people something for a change. It was like a Kumbh Mela of cars.

Pakwheels has been conducting auto show since the last couple of years and it has been growing larger then anyone can even imagine and on Sunday, we concluded of what had been the largest auto show in the history of Pakistan.

The main motive behind the auto show was not the commercial success that we eventually gained out of it but it was bigger then that. It was about introducing people of Pakistan to car culture and an education to promote the local car industry which starts and ends up Corolla.

Arranged in collaboration with TDCP, the show was a good opportunity to raise awareness about car enthusiasm is not about driving recklessly or racing around the streets.


The show came to an end in the evening although hordes of people were still coming in to see the cars and if you have missed it, you can see the pictures over here.

PakWheels Auto Show 2013. Lahore Pictures.

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  1. Syed Zain Ameer says

    fazool show I was there.

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