Prices of cars rise as rupee weakens

custom duties cars and bike in pakistan

Used car dealers, specifically importers have taken advantage of unstable and weak rupee against foriegn currencies by raising prices of vehicles by 8-10 percent.

More than 10 used car dealers including the auction price bazaar at Sohrab Goth have increased the price of economy cars like Suzuki Kei and Daihatsu Mira by up to Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 while the price of Vitz and Passo has also been increased by Rs 55,000 to Rs 65,000, prices of Corolla Axio has been increased by 110,000 and prices of Premio and Allion have increased by Rs 125,000 to Rs 140,000.

Moreover, buyers have complained that the government has failed to control the prices and dealers increase prices on their own free will while the sale of these cars are ill-governed as well.

Buyers can even buy and leave with their new cars on just transfer letters, without the need to present National Identity Card or National Tax Number nor any other document.


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