How people treat a bus hostess

This event occurred while I was traveling with my friends from Lahore to Murree via Daewoo bus. Like any journey we all boarded the bus, quite relieved and excited because the service is top notch. The Bus hostess, a young female with good etiquette, greeted us with a smile and Salam. The journey started at 10:00 pm without any disturbance,  but sitting with me was a man about my age (mid-twenties) and in front of us was a woman who was traveling with her family.

People tried to sleep as it was late, but the kids of the woman in front of us started to run all along the bus, screaming and playing. They were annoying everyone. The bus hostess politely told the woman to get her children in her seats as they were disturbing others who were trying to get some sleep. In response, the woman got rude and started to say “Bachay aur kia kerain? (What else can they do)”, “Bore ho rahay hain (They are getting bored)”, etc. Well it’s not our fault that they are getting bored. Everyone wants a calm environment. But thanks to your kid’s lady, everyone can enjoy the chaos that your house must be.

Afterwards, the same woman started feeling nausea as according to her, there was less oxygen in the bus. She called the hostess and demanded that the bus be stopped and she may get some fresh air outside. On this the air hostess brought her a vomit bag but the woman insisted that the bus be stopped immediately. After a short while she started to scream as if she was brought in the bus without her will and was being kidnapped. She almost slapped the hostess but her hand did not reach her. At this other passengers told the woman to calm down. Stopping on motorway in the middle of the night was not such a bright idea due to safety reasons. If she needed the air so badly, we all could leave her there and she could have all the oxygen she needs. On hearing this she calmed down and got quiet. End of story for the woman.

Finally, time for refreshments. The hostess was serving carbonated drinks to all through 1.5 liter bottles. It was a sprite on my turn. And when she arrived, the 1.5 liter bottle was at its last cup. I jokingly said “Akhri hissay mei gas ni hoti wese (The last glass of the drink does not have carbon dioxide)” , on which she happily said I can have this glass as well as the next one from a newer bottle. As she said this, the person right next to me said, “Mujhe coke chahiye (I need coke)”. Anyhow the hostess returned with another sprite. After pouring me, she turned to the person next to me, and what happened next shocked me. The person literally went into a rage mode and started yelling at her, “Mene kaha tha coke chahiye! Sprite kyun le k ayi? Tameez ni tumhein?? (I said I wanted coke! Why a sprite? Don’t you have manners)”. The hostess replied she didn’t remember, but this wasn’t enough. The man continued screaming “Bakwas na kero mere agay! Coke le k aa (Shut up and bring me coke)”. I could literally see the sadness in the hostess eyes. She went away without a word. Brought coke and poured him without any word. No more smiling face. Just blank and sad expressions remained.

My joy in the bus trip ended at that moment. Me and my friends were really disturbed on this event. Do people think they own the bus with a ticket? Do you think the hostess is your personal slave that you can say anything or do anything to her? Do you think the hostess works here for joy? She works because the financial conditions of her house demands her to take financial responsibility through attending to hounds such as them. She does not want pick-up lines or insults. She does not want that you take a swing at her. She does not want that your shout at her. All she wants is some respect. On the contrary, our people are Hell-bent on abusing and harassing her. This practice must stop.

The government or the Daewoo administration should come up with some strategy to stop this menace. People should also realize that the hostess is a human being also and should be treated just like an air-hostess is treated.

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Mujtaba Abbas

In a parallel world, Mujtaba a.k.a MJ is an avid Environmentalist and a Public Servant. In this realm he is a die hard automotive enthusiast who seeks to create awareness in the minds of the readers and sincerely believes "Tabdeeli aanay hi waali hai :P