How people treat a bus hostess

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This event occurred while I was traveling with my friends from Lahore to Murree via Daewoo bus. Like any journey we all boarded the bus, quite relieved and excited because the service is top notch. The Bus hostess, a young female with good etiquette, greeted us with a smile and Salam. The journey started at 10:00 pm without any disturbance,  but sitting with me was a man about my age (mid-twenties) and in front of us was a woman who was traveling with her family.

People tried to sleep as it was late, but the kids of the woman in front of us started to run all along the bus, screaming and playing. They were annoying everyone. The bus hostess politely told the woman to get her children in her seats as they were disturbing others who were trying to get some sleep. In response, the woman got rude and started to say “Bachay aur kia kerain? (What else can they do)”, “Bore ho rahay hain (They are getting bored)”, etc. Well it’s not our fault that they are getting bored. Everyone wants a calm environment. But thanks to your kid’s lady, everyone can enjoy the chaos that your house must be.

Afterwards, the same woman started feeling nausea as according to her, there was less oxygen in the bus. She called the hostess and demanded that the bus be stopped and she may get some fresh air outside. On this the air hostess brought her a vomit bag but the woman insisted that the bus be stopped immediately. After a short while she started to scream as if she was brought in the bus without her will and was being kidnapped. She almost slapped the hostess but her hand did not reach her. At this other passengers told the woman to calm down. Stopping on motorway in the middle of the night was not such a bright idea due to safety reasons. If she needed the air so badly, we all could leave her there and she could have all the oxygen she needs. On hearing this she calmed down and got quiet. End of story for the woman.

Finally, time for refreshments. The hostess was serving carbonated drinks to all through 1.5 liter bottles. It was a sprite on my turn. And when she arrived, the 1.5 liter bottle was at its last cup. I jokingly said “Akhri hissay mei gas ni hoti wese (The last glass of the drink does not have carbon dioxide)” , on which she happily said I can have this glass as well as the next one from a newer bottle. As she said this, the person right next to me said, “Mujhe coke chahiye (I need coke)”. Anyhow the hostess returned with another sprite. After pouring me, she turned to the person next to me, and what happened next shocked me. The person literally went into a rage mode and started yelling at her, “Mene kaha tha coke chahiye! Sprite kyun le k ayi? Tameez ni tumhein?? (I said I wanted coke! Why a sprite? Don’t you have manners)”. The hostess replied she didn’t remember, but this wasn’t enough. The man continued screaming “Bakwas na kero mere agay! Coke le k aa (Shut up and bring me coke)”. I could literally see the sadness in the hostess eyes. She went away without a word. Brought coke and poured him without any word. No more smiling face. Just blank and sad expressions remained.

My joy in the bus trip ended at that moment. Me and my friends were really disturbed on this event. Do people think they own the bus with a ticket? Do you think the hostess is your personal slave that you can say anything or do anything to her? Do you think the hostess works here for joy? She works because the financial conditions of her house demands her to take financial responsibility through attending to hounds such as them. She does not want pick-up lines or insults. She does not want that you take a swing at her. She does not want that your shout at her. All she wants is some respect. On the contrary, our people are Hell-bent on abusing and harassing her. This practice must stop.

The government or the Daewoo administration should come up with some strategy to stop this menace. People should also realize that the hostess is a human being also and should be treated just like an air-hostess is treated.

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  1. Saeed Akhtar Awan says

    People like them should be kicked out of the bus immediately at that very moment.

  2. Nasir Sohail says

    if I was there I have a bow to that boy on the spot to teach him a leason

  3. Xuhaib Afzal says

    Basically we are jahil log.

  4. Sheheryar Sukhera says

    You might as well remember the incident where one of our lady politician slapped the bus hostess & even lodged an FIR against her.
    What else do you expect from the people when even the rulers (a woman) can't give respect to women.

  5. Adeel Ahmed says

    we are the most civilized nation… :/ shame on us

  6. Arsalan Ghaffar says

    passengers should kick thes ass holes out of buses, they dont deserve to be treated like this…

  7. Azfar Nadeem says

    Salay. Ghar m bheegi billi htay hn bahir ja k aik respected creature say badtameezi krtay hn. Such bloodys shld b hanged till death.

  8. Imran Aman says

    english ppl made us ghulaam for 200 years,now when we find oppertunity we want to make the poor ghulaam for next 200 years as a revenge

  9. Khurram Bhutta says

    Basically ??? as well as educally 🙂

  10. Imran Sar says

    I am so sorry on this unpleasant exp. of yours, but trust me i been to this bus quite a lot time and most of time the guilty one was always hostess. Rude and uncooperative but anyways different people got different experiences day by day.

  11. Chaudary Faraz says

    Or phir hum kehte hain k zardari or ganjay mulk kha gae , apnay gereban nai jhank k nae dekhte . Is tarah k log aik ghaleez janwar se bhe buray hotay hain

  12. Humayun Aziz Khan says

    We are basically tharki

  13. Muhammad Ismael says

    aisey log sirf ye dikha rahay hain k un k ghar ka mahol kaisa hy aur unki parwarish kis tarha kigai hy.

  14. Zaeem Khichi says

    ufff why dont you slap that SOB

  15. احمد بلال مغل says

    Daewoo as a company, needs to introduce some strict measures to stop that from happening. The sheer absence of such a rule book is what encourages jahil people to talk to other people (or ladies specifically) in that rude manner. Personally, i feel like shooting such bastards dead who feel other people are respect-less.

  16. وجاہت علی says

    mere bhai aap daewoo ki baat krty hain m ny honda aur suzuki ki dealrship py 2 saal kaam kiya h as a service advisor aur beleive me logon ki ye mentality h k hum agr services k paisy pay kr rahy hn to hum ny pori dealrshio khareed li h. Aur at the time i was doing my job m sochta tha k yaar honda ka customer to sensible ho ga but when it come to them they are biggest morons!!


  17. احمد بلال مغل says

    Even if you find some rule and disturbed person serving you, you CAN calm him/her down with your polite attitude, or maybe a polite smile. You don't necessarily have to answer rude people back in a rude manner. Aag, aag ko nahi bujhati.

  18. Qamar Abbas Turi says

    A good write up ..

  19. Sarmast Bilawal Khuhro says

    There should be some sort of temporary and later life-time ban on these people..

  20. Umer Farooq says

    ganjay or faggot khan ? i used this language just to make you feel how bad your language was. get a life idiot

  21. Waqar Hassan says

    And that lady my friends, was a cunt!

  22. Syed Muhammad Azam says

    Galat bat ha yar bohat zada

  23. Sajid Hassan Mir says

    TIME FOR INTROSPECTION! And why didn't the rest of the 'civilised' fellow travellers admonish, and even threaten to throw out of the bus, that rude bastard? Problem is that we deliberately refuse to appreciate the suffering of another person and believe it will never be us. Author of the article too only leaves it at his joy of the trip coming to an end. If only he, and others, had the courage to tell the person sitting next to him what they really thought of him (and what would they want to do with the bottle of coke he so desperately wanted to have)!

  24. Chaudary Faraz says

    Khan zardari nawaz , sb aik jaisay he hon gay , lekin abhe tak imran khan ko chance to nae mila na isi liye us k baray mai kuch kaha nae ja sakta

  25. Amir Iftikhar Warraich says

    The same arrogant Paki behavior also on planes. Among many other nationalities, Pakis stand out as one of the most rude and uncivilized passengers. They get up from their seats when the airhostess clearly tell everyone to be seated, open the luggage compartment when they are told to be closed, unnecessary press the call-button for silly reasons etc. On the Etihad flights back from the Gulf, I have seen the airhostesses get pretty angry and outright commanding Paki passengers to behave and sit down in their seats. At the same time other passengers are treated pleasantly. Not all, but a sizable Paki passenger will always be uncivilized.

  26. Àlí Al ßālūShi says

    Yahi wajha hai k Pakistan aagay nahi badtha

  27. Umer Farooq says

    Chaudary Faraz chance to mush ke time hi mil gaya tha. aur auqat tab hi dikha di thi us ne jab polling agent bana tha mush baysharam ka. Think and see his track record.

    First got benefits from Sharifs, Then scolded them and hugged Mush, Cursed Mush and then hugged Sharifs again and praised and admired them (I can send you videos of a meeting in London praising Shahbaz sharif). Then again started cursing them. Supported CJP then abused him. Agreed on CEC and then again spanked him for rigging bla bla bla. Is this mature politics ? For the sake of argument, what if Election commission rejects the appeals against rigging. What he will do ? only blame game. in other words "Ai dunia pittal di, baby doll mein sonay di". Hope you get it

  28. Elishba Khan says

    And you were observing all this quietly? Why didn't you fucked that guy up.what's the point of writing this blog when you were there and did Nothing but feeling sorry for the poor soul. I pity YOU!

  29. Mobahil Ahmad says

    My question for author: Why you were acting as "laash" ? You should have told that fat bitch to zip her mouth or otherwise buy some "taanga" to travel if she needs fresh air so much !

  30. Shahzad Ali says


  31. Umer Ali Khan says

    The Hostess should've bitchslapped that stupidguy right across the face.

  32. Mohammad Iqbal Awan says

    These type of people should be Black listed in Day woo Database and the Daewoo administration should block them for any future journey through Daewoo.

  33. Saeed Syed says

    Our people need education & manners but unfortunately majority doesn't have it…………..

  34. Faiz Aslam says

    What they need is an Armed guard in the bus, with a weapon. Went from Faisalabad to Karachi using Daewoo bus service, because of traveling at night, we had an Armed Guard on board.
    That should be mandatory on every travel, despite it being night or day.

  35. Shaf Younus says

    Same happens with air-hostesses..!

  36. Syed Moazzam says

    Cut the stupid political non sense you piece of shits
    Har jaga politics start kar daitay ho

  37. Ali Man says

    You need to use Daewoo more man, and make some vids of the action happening….

  38. Qasim Shahzad says

    bro apko bhi koi action lena chaiye tha…… wasey vo log apny background ko represent karty hain, aik coke ky liye istarah ka behaviour. :/

  39. Unknowƞ Singer says

    That man should've been kicked off the bus. It's right you didn't do anything coz situation could've worsen. But the policy should be Law and Order everyone should be f**Ckd off right away if they show such manners.

  40. Abrar Faisal says

    Ye neechay Umar Farooq jesay jahil logon ki waja say ye hal hai mulk ka, apni okat dekhi nai aur bakwas start kar di

  41. Najeeb Shah says

    i don't think you should give him a hard time for that , maybe he regrets not helping . maybe he was out numbered , maybe there were times you too wanted to help but could not . at least think before you pass on a comment

  42. Yasir Khan says

    you and your friends should have taken care of him there and then

  43. Asad Mehmood says

    Air Hostess are treated as same way as in your story, when jet is full of Idiots.

  44. Nusrat Wadood Rathore says

    A very good issue brought to light .. almost everyone looks at that poor girl and twists his mustaches lol .. but yea there is a gramo in your article … "She does not want that your shout at her"… this needs to be corrected as well and does not require any govt. action lol just a proof reading done nicely 😉

  45. Qaiser Arslan says

    Bus Hostess nahe honi chahye sirf male host hone chahye yeh companies customer ko attract karne ke liye females ka use karte hain Government should ban females on customer services
    Responsible citizen of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

  46. احمد بلال مغل says

    If such things are happening around me, i won't "make a video of it" … thats f*cked up. I'd rather get up and help resolve the situation.

  47. Aizaz Sohail says

    Haa tou jiska koe nahi woh sarak pe a jae. Idiots like you will starve females to death. Yaha koe Islamic qanoon se nahi chalta. Sab haramkhor hain. Aurat ko utha ker sarak pe phenk dete hain keh bibi kamaow apni roti. Konsi duniya mei reh rhay hain aap??

  48. Minahil Ali says

    Umer Farooq A GULLU BUTT spotted .. =D

    refresh your memory when your Ganja Leader is the illegitimate child of Zia Ul Haq.. hahahah

  49. Umer Farooq says

    Minahil Ali fihaal to veena malik of pti spotted. Did I boasted about Zia ? And do you wanna say it was good to support musharraf ass hole and then give a lap dance back to Sharifs ? Lolz. get a life idiot.

  50. Anonymous says

    Everyone is not jahil,,,you cn say anythnk abt you btw.

  51. Exe Liontamer says

    Our country is full of illiterate people with no manners very poor upbringing can't be helped one day when young people like you in their 20s will get up and slap this man that is the day our country will take a turn until that time lay down and enjoy your coke or your sprite whatever

  52. Minahil Ali says

    Umer Farooq once a GULLU BUTT always a GULLU BUTT..

    no i am just saying if ganjaz did anything in past thats right .. but if anyone else did something he is asshole.. come on get a life .. if Ganjaz can give anything to Pakistan in past 25 years ..they cant even do now in 5 years .. building roads are not delvelopment.. but building a nation is..

  53. Ahmed Hembel says

    Rudeness is just one side of it, flirting is another.

  54. Taqi Syed says

    Bauhat khabasat hay waisay!

  55. Qaiser Arslan says

    Aizaz Sohail
    Mere bhai ap sahe keh rahe hain lekin aur bhi buhat professions hain females ke liye like teaching health etc jin main un ke liye izzat hai but mujhe yeh batayen customer ko attract karne ke liye kyun rakhi jati hain kya ap kabhi chahen ge ke apki ghar ki khawateen is tarah ki disrespectful kisam ki job karen???
    agar koi islamic qanoon se nahe chalta to na chale ap khud to chalo ap ne apni qabar main jana hai aur apne kiye ka hisab dena hai..l
    Allah ap par ramadan ki rehmatein aur barkatain nazil farmaye

  56. Abdul Basit says

    Iv encountered EVEN WORSE scenes with the road-hostess. We people ourselves are true culprits.
    In India, some guys did a social experiment by portraying a dying man asking for help on road for an HOUR, and NOT A SINGLE person came forward to help him. Pakistan is no different! Then how can we thrive & get out of our miseries & azaabs.

  57. Aizaz Sohail says

    Qaiser Arslan Job hamesha taleem dekh ker milti hain. Yeh male dominant society hai. Jis ki taleem hi matric pass hai woh aur kea kre bechari?

  58. Mujtaba Abbas says

    This topic was about Daewoo and Bus Hostess. Where are you people taking it? :/

  59. Umer Farooq says

    Mujtaba Abbas Chaudhry faraz started cursing govt. Sawaal gandum jawab chana wala hisab hai. and Minahil apni taraf se Socratese ki bhateeji bani huwi hai

  60. Minahil Ali says

    Umer Farooq or ap GULLU BUTT

  61. Chaudary Faraz says

    Tum ko mera comment he mila hai larnay k liye :p bhai freedom of speech bhe koi chez hoti hai , har kisi ka apna point of view hota hai :s hum waisay he yahan aik dosray se lar rae hain :p hamari larai se na he imran khan ne badal jana or na he nawaz sharif ne :p thandi goli khao ab or larai jhagra chor do

  62. Umer Farooq says

    Chaudary Faraz yaar freedom of speech aur bongi marnay me faraq hota hai. kaha ki connection kaha jor dia. Faraq & Minahil , RIP common sense

  63. Atif Altaf says

    What was your reaction. How did you support the hostess at that time…you only mentioned that ur trip got ruined. Phir kia kya tumne…. yeh bhi be hissi hai jiski wajha se ek banday ki himat hoti hai kahi b kuch bji krne ki. Agr tum usay daant detay agay se to shayad woh baaz na ata per atleast thorra back off zarur hota or baki dekhnay walay bhi kuch samajhtay is tarha.

  64. Fahim Salman says

    So why didn't you stop him (the last guy)? "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" – Edmund Burke.

    Article likhna barha assan hai. Pakistanis always point and complain, they did this, he did that, she didnt do this. One day you have to stand up for yourself and your fellow people as individuals right? As humans.

  65. Ахмад Мир says

    sab darte han koi badmash na ho but jis din react kardeya samjho hum badal gye being oppressed is crime too shahzaib murder case me us na kia ghalat kia tha apni behan sa badtameezi karnay par lara tha jo mara gya aur qaatil phir bach gya jab aisa hoga toh log toh daray gay hi na

  66. Najeeb Shah says

    Ahmad Mir shazed case is totally different , lets be real . its easier to talk here than to do anything

  67. Ахмад Мир says

    Najeeb Shah yehi toh baat ha har koi badmash ha yahan uski baat cheet sa pata lagta koi jahil sa gullu butt ka bacha ha n by the way MPA wala b case yaad ha na aisa hi hua tha

  68. Najeeb Shah says

    Ahmad Mir ek kam karo ap ja kar larlo , its better than posting here . i do what i can when it happens in front of me and IF its in my power to do so

  69. Ахмад Мир says

    Najeeb Shah yaar ok What could you do just tell atleast agar sab gussay sa ghurr de na usko wohi kaafi ha i suggest daewoo shud ban such consumers for life time if i wud had been there i wud had said him yeh baat aram sa b hosakti thee ziada kuch karta ya kehta toh dekha jata jo hona tha ho jata aisa face kar chukay han they start abusing and after half n hour chup shazad case yaar ma is liye kar rha hn cause humari awam ka temprament bara loose ha goli aur badmashi par aajti zara si baat par
    rest mera view tha i expressed it thats enough

  70. Aisha Ahmed says

    Bus driver must stop the bus and ask him to fuck off the bus immidieately. Kabhi taraquii nahi ker saktay yeh log jo ajj bhi apnay apko bara boss samajtaay hain. Service kernay ka mutlib yeh nahi kay woh apki naukar hai. Paisay de ker ticket khareeda hai but you dont own her in any way… low life losers.

  71. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    These insecure people, who faced a F'd up childhood and take out their frustration on others. I bet they treat the women in their homes the same way.

  72. Ahmer Jamal Siddique says

    aj yeh kheyal kaha sa a gaya?

  73. Muhammad Ali says

    Pity and Shame on you as well for being just an on looker over all this. People like us just want an article to be written against our name. We are a poor society !

  74. Hasnain Naeem says

    Bus hostess are for the service of people not to entertain others. So do respect have respect

  75. Ahad Awan says

    AbĐullah Shaikh Adee sun rahay hoo?

  76. Umar Shahzad says

    Umer Farooq sadly, you're certainly one of those. 🙂 We all are Jahils.

  77. Fahad Eusaphzai says


  78. Ahmad Sher Awan says

    I think we need to be taught decency!

  79. Shahed Nelson Niaz says

    Hate ppl like that..should have kicked the guy of the bus…

  80. Ahmad Bilal Khan says

    Such people should be dealt with great fine. they should be kicked out of the bus after this.
    One more thing… Dude.. what the heck you were doing besides listening to such imbeciles. You all should be ashamed of not doing anything. If we can't rectify, then no one will. Have fun and enjoy travelling 🙂

  81. Zohaib Mushtaq says

    Umer Farooq i think you also show yourself and your family perspective by using the same bad words

  82. Khalid Hasan says

    Must be her bad day, the situation is not that bad after all.

  83. Muhammad Mazhar Malik says

    Lanat hai tum pe female ho ker aisay ghatya words use kar rahi ho.

  84. Mujtaba Abbas says

    I did confront that person, and later he said sorry to the hostess at the end of the trip…

  85. Mujtaba Abbas says

    I did confront the person.. and made him apologize…

  86. Mujtaba Abbas says

    I did confront the person.. and made him apologize…

  87. Mujtaba Abbas says

    I did confront the person.. and made him apologize…

  88. Mujtaba Abbas says

    I did confront the person.. and made him apologize…

  89. Mujtaba Abbas says

    I did confront the person.. and made him apologize…

  90. Mujtaba Abbas says

    I did confront the person.. and made him apologize…

  91. Mujtaba Abbas says

    I did confront the person.. and made him apologize…

  92. Muhammad Mazhar Malik says

    i am a frequent traveler of daewoo bus and i've never seen such things happening.

  93. Mujtaba Abbas says

    You cannot confront a lady and tell her like this.. It would have created other problems.. Trust me

  94. Mujtaba Abbas says

    I did confront the person.. and made him apologize…

  95. Mujtaba Abbas says

    I did confront the person.. and made him apologize…

  96. Mujtaba Abbas says

    I did confront the person.. and made him apologize… And lets all not get so pumped up here 🙂

  97. Sajid Hassan Mir says

    Mujtaba Abbas that is commendable. But why mention it as an afterthought or in response to a query. No one would have accused you of bragging about your bravado; on the contrary It would have been taken as a message to others about what we should always do! Keep up the good work!!

  98. Yasir Khan says

    Mujtaba Abbas Good stuff

  99. Sajid Wasim says

    u r absoulutly rite,

  100. Mohammad Mansoor Haddad says

    I think Inter or Graduation degree is must for traveling in elite traveling services 😀

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